PRI 2021: Ultimate Headers For Ford

PRI 2021: Ultimate Headers For Ford’s 7.3-Liter Godzilla Engine

If there’s one thing that 2021 has shown us, it’s that Ford’s new 7.3-liter is going to be a hot item. While at the SEMA show, we saw this engine on display along with vehicle builds that utilize the new powerplant. We saw more of the same at PRI, with the performance aftermarket ramping up to support the Ford engine dubbed “Godzilla.” One performance aftermarket company that is picking things up on the exhaust side of things is none other than Ultimate Headers. The header company is known for its unique headers with specialized flanges, fit, and finish. 

Ultimate Headers had the “Godzilla” engine in the booth where they were displaying a set of headers on the 7.3-liter powerplant. However, this was not your standard setup. As usual, the craftsmanship on these products was over the top, as was the fit and finish. Jim Browning of Ultimate headers gave us the details on these headers. He said, “Mast Motorsports has a new 7.3-liter engine program they are going to launch and gave us an engine to display. Since turbos systems are so popular, we decided to make a set of forward-facing headers for the show.” However, Browning told us that he is planning on building some of the 7.3-liter headers for the first-generation Broncos. Browning also expects these units to fit Fox-body Mustangs with a Godzilla powerplant and F-100 builds.

If you’ve never seen a set of Ultimate Headers in person, they are works of art. The flanges are unlike anything the industry has ever seen and are robust enough to rid themselves of common header problems, like exhaust gasket leaks, and look fantastic with custom coating options.  Please visit for more information on their products and applications. 

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