PRI 2021: VMP Shows Proof Of Concept With GT500 Billet Lid

It’s difficult to make an already well-performing car from the factory do much more. However, there are always those willing to push the limits and strive for more power. In this case, the Ford Mustang GT500 crowd has been begging for a new lid for their stock supercharger. Thankfully VMP Performance has heard the calling and created a new billet unit. We sat down with Rebecca Starkey from VMP Performance to discuss the new supercharger lid.

“We built an upgraded lid to meet the demands of our GT500 customers who want more horsepower and torque. These gains were shown when combined with our EO drag pack. The Drag Pack includes the intercooler, throttle body, pulley, and tune,” said Starkey. “We also wanted to make sure our lid was EO approved. It’s the first lid on the market for the GT500 that is EO approved.”

When talking about competition, Starkey said, “While a lid for the 5.2-liter Predator engine is not new, no one has been able to replicate the power gains they claim. We’ve been able to replicate our billet lid’s claim repeatedly. This is thanks to the hump in our lid and the overall volume. What’s great is the lid will fit on the stock GT500 or on our Apex Predator supercharger kit.

It’s fantastic to see more companies willing to provide products for such an outstanding vehicle. Even better is they are making it completely federal legal with EO standards. If you’re in the market to give your GT500 more power then VMP Performance is a fantastic option. Their Apex Predator supercharger kit, GT500 drag pack, or billet lid all make great power gains.

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