PRI 2022: Breathe Fire With Your Godzilla Engine Using Callies Cams

Ford’s 7.3-liter Godzilla engine has started to make some serious waves in the high-performance aftermarket. Companies have been working on upgrades for the new large-displacement mill, including Callies. The team at Callies has created an improved camshaft that works with Jesel’s belt drive system for the Godzilla engine.

Part of the growing pains of a new engine combination is finding out where its weak points are. The OEM design of the Godzilla engine’s camshaft includes a large 21mm bolt that is attached to the cam gear. This works with a belt drive system that uses a bushing to reduce the bolt in the cam to 7/16 inch. Now, this system works fine for an engine that isn’t getting pushed hard, however, it will fail at elevated RPM levels in high-performance applications.

Nick Norris is the application engineer at Callies that worked with Jesel to develop a new camshaft that will work with Jesel’s belt drive system for the Godzilla engine. Norris explains how this new camshaft design is an improvement for high-performance applications.

“This new cam and belt drive system eliminats the 21mm bolt, the factory variable valve timing oiling holes, the thrust plate groove, and simplified the cam so it just uses a 7/16-inch bolt. We added dual dowels on the camshaft, as we do on all small block Ford race cams. This cam and belt drive system is more reliable and works has worked great.”

This Godzilla camshaft is made out of S7 tool steel and is made for solid-roller lifter race applications.  Right now, Callies has one standard cam core available, but cams can be ground for custom applications. Check out the Callies website right here to learn how to get a custom Godzilla camshaft created for your big cubic-inch Ford mill.

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