PRI 2022: Flaming River Flows Electric Steering Assist Into Classics

If one thing about classic vehicles stands out, it’s how the vintage steering feels. The direct connection made between the driver and the vehicle comes from the steering wheel. Most classic rides have lumped a heavy front end thanks to iron blocks, with a bulky manual-steering box. Drivers are expected to endure strength and conditioning exercises with each corner. This wouldn’t have been a problem decades ago, as there wasn’t a better option. However, when automobiles acquired power steering, and furthermore, electric power steering, it wasn’t long before owners of the pre-Malaise era rides desired the same for their hot rods.

electric power steering

While hot-rodders are known for making things work, retrofitting a complete electric steering package from a modern vehicle typically proves to be above most enthusiasts’ mechanical aptitude. This is where the Flaming River Industries Microsteer Electric Power-Assisted Steering system comes into play. Instead of requiring a completely new steering rack, electronic steering system, and steering box, the Microsteer system simply fits where the manual steering current resides. It can even be hidden underneath the dash, leaving prying eyes wondering how you manage to steer so gracefully through tight corners with a manual-steering box under the hood!

Microsteer Retrofits Your Old Manual Steering To Functional Electric Power Steering

However, it’s not the unit’s looks that make the product shine, nor the gearbox and its ability to amplify steering inputs three times over. Rather, it’s that the Microsteer Tuning Box allows drivers to adjust the amount of assistance they desire using a rotary potentiometer. This ECU’s ability to put the direct connection back in the driver’s hands at the desired level they wish is what enthusiasts have been asking for.

The elimination of hours of research, test fitting, and labor can all be resolved by utilizing the Flaming River Microsteer system to achieve the end goal of a perfect steering feel. While an opinionated item, it’s the tune-ability that allows the Microsteer to be the ideal addition to any electric power steering system. If your days of using maximum forearm strength to maneuver through car shows are over or you just want the most up-to-date steering feel in your classic ride, you will fall in love with that classic car again after you check out the Flaming River lineup.

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