PRI 2022: Haltech’s Nexus R3 Is A Powerful VCU In A Small Package

The technological advancements that have been made in the world of engine control units (ECU) is truly astounding. Haltech has been at the forefront of ECU development and has taken things a step further by creating its own highly advanced vehicle control units (VCU). The Nexus R3 from Haltech is the company’s newest VCU that packs an insane amount of functionality into a small package.

Haltech’s Chris Law explains why the company developed the Nexus R3.

“The Nexus R5 was a great addition to Haltech’s line of VCUs, but it’s overkill for a lot of applications. The Nexus R3 is the baby brother of the R5. It has fewer inputs and outputs, but that’s what keeps it a nice alternative to the R5. It adds great features that our 2500 doesn’t have without the big price take of the R5.”

The Nexus R3 has an integrated 128 MB of data-logging space, an internal power distribution module, a wideband controller, a Wi-Fi communications module, and it uses Haltech’s NSP software. Haltech set the Nexus R3 up to use a total of eight ignition and injector outputs, that’s less than the Nexus R5 but more than enough to run most engines. The injector drivers support both low and high-impedance fuel injectors.

Haltech didn’t skimp on the hardware of the Nexus R3, it really is just a smaller version of the Nexus R5. The Nexus R3 has six low-side drive outputs and two eight-amp high current outputs that are PWM capable. Haltech added an onboard 4-bar MAP sensor to the Nexus R3’s arsenal of standard features too.

You can learn more about the Nexus R3 and what it’s capable of right here on Haltech’s website.

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