PRI 2022: Meziere’s WP200 Water Pump Makes Maintenance A Breeze

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Anybody that’s built or worked on a race car has a special place in their heart for parts that make maintaining the vehicle easier. Meziere Enterprises has developed its WP200 series water pump with cooling system maintenance in mind. These pumps make it easy to fill your cooling system without having to worry about air bubbles.

The MP200 water pump uses a built-in reservoir that’s designed to stop the pump from air locking or having cavitation issues. The reservoir helps to eliminate the need to jack up the front of your vehicle when you’re adding water to the cooling system or having to put air bleeds to remove any trapped air.

Don Meziere talks about how the WP200 water pump can make your life easier when it comes to keeping air out of your cooling system.

“This water pump makes it easier to fill systems that have a radiator that sits high in the vehicle, or features that make it difficult to get the air out. The pump purges air out from the lower hose automatically into the expansion tank. This makes sure the pump won’t air lock.”

These pumps may have an added expansion tank, but they’re still lightweight, tipping the scales below nine pounds. The WP200 water pumps use a heavy-duty electric motor that provides 42 gallons per minute of water flow. These motors have a long life expectancy and can be used in street or drag racing applications. Meziere makes the WP200 series of water pumps for Chevy, Ford, and Mopar applications.

You can learn more about the WP200 series of water pumps right here on The Meziere Enterprises website.

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