PRI 2022: ProTorque Shows Off Its 10R80 And 10L80 Torque Converters

The right torque converter can unlock a sizeable amount of performance out of any vehicle. If you’re going to upgrade the torque converter in your modern muscle car, you need to make sure it will meet the transmission’s needs. ProTorque has developed a line of torque converters for modern 10-speed transmissions that will greatly improve your vehicle’s performance at the track.

ProTorque is known for developing torque converters that win championships and set records across all forms of drag racing. The team used that knowledge to develop its line of 10-speed transmission torque converters for GM and Ford applications. ProTorque worked with numerous companies and tuners to ensure these torque converters would work with these complex OEM transmissions.

Joe Rivera of ProTorque drops the details on these 10R80 and 10L80 transmission torque converters.

“These are billet aluminum torque converters that use a billet stator and have a higher stall than the OEM units. We worked with the best aftermarket tuners to make sure the converter is at the right RPM level when you leave the line. Our first test pass with one of these converters picked up six-tenths of e.t. over the OEM unit. This converter has worked with cars making nearly 1,600 horsepower, and helped them dip into the eight-second zone.”

If you’re not sure how to configure one of these torque converters ProTorque has you covered. You can use ProTorque’s new interactive website that will walk you through the entire torque converter selection process.

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