PRI 2022: RC Components Dethrone Stock Wheels With Street King Line

Most enthusiasts take pride in how their vehicle looks and performs. It’s this mentality that has kept the car culture alive for so long worldwide. We take what the manufacturers give us and sculpt it into our own distinguishable vehicle. During this build process, there are many routes to take, but the most common and important item to change out is the factory wheels. While the factory wheels are built with ASTM and ISO testing, they typically lack width, aesthetics, and a race-worthy weight. This is where RC Components steps in.


RC Components is well known in the drag racing industry for producing stylish wheels that embody what enthusiasts are looking for paired to the performance and weight needed to win races. From a safety perspective, their wheels meet the competition standard requirements, as well. While their professional drag race line can be found on many street cars, there are waves of owners who do not need beadlock wheels and want a width that will fit over their factory brake calipers and fill out the fender wells.

RC Components Street King Bandit Wheels Are For Those That Desire Looks And Performance

Enter the Street King Bandit wheel. These wheels are specially built for streetcar owner who desires to change the image of the car with an aggressive appearance. These all-new wheels from RC Components utilize a Flow-Forged process that results in the end product being a stronger street wheel with similar properties to a forged wheel. These wheels perform great on the strip and the street and eliminate the need for a second set of wheels for the racetrack.


Before you decide to leave home on the stock wheels to attend the car show, cruise, or even drag race event, check out the Street King wheels from RC Components. You’ll be shaving weight, looking better, and being safe, as the wheels passed SFI 15-1 and 15-2 testing.

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