PRI 2022: Rottler H85AX Increases Both Productivity And Horsepower

PRI 2022: Rottler H85AX Increases Both Productivity And Horsepower

When it comes to making horsepower, all the high-end parts in the world aren’t going to perform at their peak potential if your cylinder wall finish isn’t correct. It’s been a major topic of discussion in engine-building circles in the past few years, and ultimately more power has been found through a better understanding of what is going on within the microscopic grooves on the walls of the cylinder. Enter Rottler Manufacturing.

“It seems simple, but the finish of the cylinder bore is where we get those last few horsepower to get you over the finish line first,” explains Rottler’s Andy Bohling. Specifically looking at Rottler’s H85-series of CNC-controlled vertical hones, there are a metric ton of features that set the machine above a manual hone, such as monitored variable load control, programmable plateau operation, a precision stone feed-out system, cross-hatch pattern control, and an independent overstroke control feature, which allows the operator to make minute adjustments as the machine is running its automated program.

Rottler H85AX

One of the keys to the Rottler machines’ ability to produce an incredible finish is the range of unique honing heads available for the machines, ranging from 4-stone versions, up to a 12-stone head.

In addition to a precision cylinder finish, the H85AX and H85AXY allow for a large jump in productivity over a more manual honing machine. “The H85AX will automatically switch cylinders for you, up to six cylinders, unattended,” Bohling says. “Once you locate the first cylinder, and define the bore spacing in the machine, it will then move from cylinder to cylinder on its own. Moving to the H85AXY model, it adds in automatic block rollover, so that you can do an entire V8 unattended. It will also automatically dump any machining debris out of the block, so that it’s not carried over to the cleaning tank.”

Rottler’s mission is to not only add horsepower to your engines, but also increase the productivity of your shop. “You’re saving time, reducing labor, increasing throughput, and ultimately, increasing horsepower,” concludes Bohling. For more information on the H85 series of CNC-controlled automatic vertical honing machines, check out Rottler’s webpage.

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