PRI 2022: Stop Faster With Strange’s New Stainless Brake Rotor

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Door cars require strong brakes due to their size and the style of racing they participate in. The last thing you want to do is run out of stopping power at the top end of a race track. Strange Engineering’s new lightweight two-piece stainless steel brake rotor is perfect for any door car racing application.

Strange elected to use an 11.25-inch diameter brake rotor that’s scalloped and slotted for this new design. The stainless steel material that Strange is making the two-piece rotors from is both heat and corrosion-resistant. Strange incorporated an internal spirolock that holds the rotor to the hat, thus eliminating the need to use bolts to achieve this task.

Strange’s J.C. Cascio explains how the company approached designing these new rotors.

“These two-piece rotors are designed to be lightweight by cutting out unnecessary rotating mass. We scalloped the rotor to help reduce the weight, while not compromising its longevity. These rotors are made of stainless steel, which reduces the warping or distortion that you see in cars that run big mph and are hard on the brakes. The rotor is designed for high mph cars that are heavy and hitting the brakes hard at the top end to race the stripe.”

The brake rotor is interchangeable with Strange’s rear flanged axle and front hub mount brake kits. This brake rotor features a billet aluminum hat, and the rotor itself is .355-inch thick. You can use either 1/2- or 5/8-inch wheel studs with these rotors depending on your application.

You can learn more about these rotors right here on Strange Engineering’s website.

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