SEMA 2014: American Muscle’s Top Five Hottest Mustangs of The Show

This year’s SEMA show was packed with plenty of super hot Mustangs. The Mustang was named by SEMA as the hottest car of the show. There were so many cool cars that it is impossible for us to bring them all to you. So we asked Justin Dugan, the familiar face of American Muscle, to give us his top five. He happily narrowed the field down to five cool 2015 Mustangs that make the grade for him.

#5 ROUSH Trak Pack

The ROUSH Trak Pak is the car you’ll want to build if you’re a fan of road courses, or just twisting roads. Featuring RS3 power, and a more aggressive approach to performance than a regular street going RS3, this track bred Mustang out of the cat in the hat’s stable should definitely be on the list of top cars of the show.

#4 Watson Racing

With a Ford Racing blower under the hood breathing pressurized air into a cammed Coyote, and a straight line attitude, Watson Racing’s 2015 GT build was making headlines ahead of the SEMA show. We ran an in-depth look on this car the week before the show. This thing should be nine-second capable in the quarter-mile when it hits the drag strip next spring in NMRA competition. We can’t wait to see what it does in action.


#3 Foose EcoBoost Convertible

Chip Foose transformed this EcoBoost convertible in just three weeks. The car is stunning and uses retro cues, as well as draws on the modern design of the Mustang. Foose of course continued his magic with a wild color scheme that flows in the wheels, and the interior. This is an awesome ride, with custom touches and body work on nearly every panel. We checked it out more in-depth in another article and video during the SEMA show.

#2 Vaughn Gittin Jr’s RTR Spec 5

Vaughn Gittin Jr brought “All the Rad” to the 2014 SEMA show. We previewed the build of the RTR Spec 5 leading up to SEMA, and the car did not disappoint us. Several times a day Gittin would take lucky fans for a ride, and often he was chasing his friend Ryan Tuerck who was piloting the RTR Spec 1 car around the Ford Out Front road course.

The Spec 5 screams at you with its wild matte gray and bright green color scheme. It’s loud, rowdy, and no doubt has some serious horsepower under the hood. Gittin teased this car before SEMA as well, and we were following along the build at MA Motorsports, as teaser photos were posted on Facebook. The ride features plenty of firsts for a ’15 chassis like solid IRS bushings, and plenty of angle for the front tires.

#1 MMD Mustang

MMD, the styling arm of American Muscle, brought out their black and red MMD Mustang to show off at SEMA. This car was featured in the Ford Out Front display. Featuring MMD styling components throughout as well as a very cool side-exit exhaust system, this car is well styled.

AM has big plans for this car once they return home from SEMA, where the BAMA Performance guys will turn up the power, and start adding performance to match the styling of this car. We can’t wait to see what happens with this project.

That wraps up American Muscle’s top five hottest Mustangs of SEMA. What were your top five? Tell us in the comments below.

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