SEMA 2016: Classic Performance Products Early Mustang IFS


The folks at Classic Performance Products showed us something very special for first generation Mustang enthusiasts. This incredibly sleek and well thought out package incorporates the use of a Mustang II’s independent front suspension in a first-gen (’64 1/2-’70) Mustang for a more modern look and performance, and boy does it feature some great amenities.

“The features and benefits of swapping to a Mustang II’s independent front suspension on an early Mustang (1964 1/2-1970) are endless,” Jeff Norton of Classic Performance Products said. “The biggest benefit enthusiasts will reap is eliminating the shock tower in the car. The next benefit is upgrading to disc brakes, followed by upgrading to a power or manual steering rack [instead of utilizing a manual steering box like the one from the factory].”


Jeff explained that there are some additional benefits which include the use of a tubular-style upper and lower control arm. According to him, these are all drastic benefits for Mustang enthusiasts, as he said the first-generation Mustangs came with a style of suspension that is often referred to as a “strut-rod” version.

“The strut-rod variation of suspension was a huge issue back then [and now], as the car wouldn’t keep its own alignment within spec. By introducing an aftermarket front-clip, enthusiasts can eliminate the strut-rod, upgrade to power steering [and disc brakes], add a rear sway bar, and eliminate the shock tower–all in the same day. There’s a ton of other benefits as well. We give enthusiasts the option to utilize a coilover conversion, or with your standard gas shock and coil spring style too.”

For spindles, CPP offers a number of different types available. Jeff said they have different brake sizes, drop spindles, stock spindles, a host of different ways. “The end-user going to a Mustang II’s IFS on a first-gen Mustang will be incredible in terms of variety; both in pricing, and the final product. It’ll be an extremely modern type of road feel, and the enthusiasts can set the front end up anyway they like [for road feel].”

Looking for more tech? Then check out Classic Performance Product‘s website here for all of your early Mustang suspension needs.


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