SEMA 2016: Turbonetics New Competition Y2K Turbo Line


Turbonetics is not the kind of company that sits back and lets the forced induction market pass them by when it comes to innovation. Its turbos are constantly being refined by a staff of engineers that have performance development in their boosted hearts. This year at SEMA, Turbonetics brought out a new Y2K turbo that has great features for racers everywhere.


The level of research and development that Turbonetics puts into its products is stout. They design the competition turbos with the same mindset of the industrial units, so they have outstanding durability.

These Y2k turbos will be featuring the new NX2 aerodynamics, which is an all-new aero design for the turbo and compressor wheels.

“We did testing with the Y2K turbos and these new units are about five points higher than the competition in efficiency,” says Turbonetics’ Reggie Wynn. “That means more power at the same boost level. We also did a lot of gas stand testing for the turbine wheel efficiency, and used CFD software to assist with the compressor wheel design.”


The Y2K turbos have an anti-surge compressor housing that helps with the efficiency on the compressor map. These new turbos also come standard with a speed sensor probe for data logging abilities. The Y2K Turbos will be available in class-specific sizes, like 88mm and 109mm. According to Wynn, these turbos are going to be priced the same as the previous generations, so you get a turbo with more features for the same amount money.

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