SEMA 2017: ARH Right-Hand-Drive S550 Mustang Headers

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The biggest challenge with designing an exhaust system for the right-hand drive Mustang was finding a car. — Nick Filippides, ARH

American Racing Headers recently debuted a full aftermarket exhaust system for the right-hand-drive 2015+ Mustangs. The complete system is specifically designed to optimize cylinder head flow and is said to produce gains of over 30 additional horsepower without a tune, which is actually even better than the left-hand drive systems due to the restrictive factory tubing on the right-hand cars.

“The biggest challenge with designing an exhaust system for the right-hand drive Mustang was finding a car to work on,” Nick Filippides, of American Racing Headers, said. “Luckily, Guy Tomlinson from Nemesis Motorsports in the UK helped us find a car. We flew out from New York to the UK and began designing the prototype for the right-hand drive Pony.”

The team at ARH first designed the system on a Mustang with a manual transmission and then went to work designing a system for the automatic transmission.

“There were some minor adjustments we had to make for the automatic transmission, and we worked with Rob Herrod from Herrod Motorsports and Mike Lacey from Mod-UR-Stang to design a system that would clear the Mustang’s automatic transmission.”

The new system will be available for order in early 2018. The right-hand drive exhaust is available with or without catalytic converters and can be ordered in 1 7/8- or 2-inch primary tubing options.

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