SEMA 2018: Pertronix Unveils Its Mobile Digital HP Ignition

We stopped by the Pertronix booth at the SEMA Show this year, and what we found was really exciting. We spoke with Don Lindfors, and he gave us a run down on some of the company’s new products. One such item was the new Mobile Digital HP ignition.

Don explained, “about a year ago, we came out with this ignition box called the Digital HP, that was kind of revolutionary in the industry, in that, compared to the box that most people are used to – and many other brands that are out there – ours is 70-percent smaller. In the old days, it was a big thing to put that big box under the hood of your car and show it off, like, ‘look what I got, I’m cool.’

“Now, people want to hide them. Using newer components available to us from the computer industry, we were able to make it much, much smaller. At the same time, we added 30-percent more power of the most popular box on the market – at a lower price-point.”

Pertronix took that same Digital HP one step further this year. What that means is, you can configure the Digital HP from a phone or tablet. While we stood there looking over the new ignition box, we quickly noticed a Bluetooth logo proudly displayed on the cover. With the Bluetooth function and corresponding app, users gain the ability to fine-tune their ignition box. They can even place the vehicle in valet, or security mode. Valet mode restricts the RPM range to prevent anyone from driving your car like a bat outta hell, a la “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” while security mode has the ability to disable the car completely.

If you’d like to find out more about what Pertronix has cooking, or the Mobile Digital HP, visit the website at


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