SEMA 2019: Garrett Advancing Motion

SEMA 2019: Garrett Advancing Motion’s New G30 And G35 Turbochargers

Turbochargers are all the rage these days and for a good reason. You can make a lot of power with them, they are affordable, and they work great on just about any engine combination. It doesn’t hurt that a company like Garrett Advancing Motion is continuously pushing the envelope and creating better, more efficient turbos either. The result of its efforts is compact turbos that pack a big punch.

Garrett can extract a monstrous 1,050 horsepower out of the rather-compact G35 thanks to its new efficient design.

At SEMA 2019, Garrett released a couple of new compact turbochargers, the G30, and G35. In the video, Harut Stepanyan of Garrett Advancing Motion gives us the details. Harut says, “The G30 and G35 turbos are the evolution of our GTX line up.” Garrett released the G25 turbocharger a few years ago, and the G30 and G35 are an extension of this series.

Garrett can extract a monstrous 1,050 horsepower out of the rather compact G35. Harut explains, “A lot of it has to do with the aerodynamics of the turbine wheel and compressor wheel, and making it efficient.” Garrett’s improvements in the design have found a way to crank out some impressive numbers from a turbo that made 600-700 horsepower just a few years ago, depending on the application.

You know Garrett Advancing Motion manufactures an excellent product because they build everything from factory OEM vehicles to Formula One race cars. For more information on the GTX line and other products, be sure and check them out online at

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