SEMA 2021: Steele Rubber Product’s Universal Trim And Edging

The SEMA Show is an event we look forward to every year. Last year was the first-ever virtual version, and it was a welcome distraction from all the craziness of 2020. Still, we were more than excited to make our way back to the Las Vegas Convention Center and return to our regularly scheduled programming – where the entirety of the automotive aftermarket convenes to showcase its wares and the world-class builds it produces alike.

This year, we caught up with a number of manufacturers, but one restoration supplier that really stood out to us was Steele Rubber Products. As always, the brand’s booth did not disappoint. We caught up with Danny Agosta, the brand’s senior marketing manager, and got the low-down on everything new from Steele.

Danny launched right into the new features and benefits of the company’s universal line. “We’ve always had universal stuff that’s basically the same material, but now…Some of the things we’re doing seem sort of simple, but they make a big difference. Like adding skirts to the side of the rubber, so whenever you apply it, it looks like it’s factory glued or flush-mounted. After all, you don’t want to have a nice car and still see the tape on the side. So, it takes care of that and protects the tape while you’re at it so it lasts longer.”

Danny continued, “We also get people who ask us all the time, ‘okay, so I’ve chopped the top on something, or I’ve got a different body line because I filled in the factory body lines – well, we have a universal catalog for those people. It consists of a line of weatherstrip extrusions specifically for doors, trunks, glass, door fuzzies, and windshield gasket material. It’s something a lot of people have found useful when they’re trying to make something custom work.”

So, it’s a great solution for custom guys and girls who can just go in the catalog and pick stuff to fix whatever challenges they’re facing. Danny agreed, stating, “Yeah, and sometimes it’s just a person with a really rare car that has little to no aftermarket support. A lot of the time, those people are able to find something in the catalog that works for them, and many times it’s better than what is available for that specific model.”

So, check out Steele Rubber Products if you’re looking for a solution to a problem related to a custom or rare application. You can check out their whole product line at

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