SEMA 2021: VP Racing’s Stay Frosty Coolant Is The Hot New Thing

The term “environmentally-friendly” can be a scary term to many automotive enthusiasts. That phrase carries a stigma of not working as well as the older products that used harsh chemicals. When it comes to VP Racing’s Stay Frosty Race Ready Coolant, that stigma does not apply. The Stay Frosty Race Ready Coolant has been proven to reduce engine temperatures up to 30 degrees – and it doesn’t contain hazardous glycols. 

Why Not Use Water?

If you are one of those people thinking, “Why do you just use water or the existing glycol-based coolants?” then you are addressing the problem in a small way. Here’s the issue that caused VP Racing engineers to develop the Stay Frosty coolant. The problem with most engine coolants is that they are glycol-based, a slippery liquid that poses multiple dangers if it leaks. Because of that, these are banned from many racetracks. The only other option was to use plain water in the radiator, which has no engine corrosion protection qualities.

When the VP Racing engineers got involved at the molecular level, taking into consideration such things as pH levels of water, the solution was clear. Formulate a racing coolant that was 100 percent water-based and biodegradable. The task of making a coolant for higher compression, higher heat engines was the challenge.   

What they came up with was a coolant with a specialized blend of heat transfer agents that drastically improves the coolant’s ability to transfer heat away from cylinder heads. This results in increases in the density of the air/fuel mix which allows ignition timing to be safely advanced without the threat of detonation. Ultimately, this provides more power and torque. 

Not Just For Racing

The crew at VP Racing explained this product is not an additive. It is a coolant that you should use completely in your cooling system. Drain the system and refill with Stay Frosty Race Ready Coolant. There’s no need to mix or add to water. In fact, adding plain water to the mix could hinder the engine protection capabilities of Stay Frosty Race Ready Coolant. 

Features And Benefits 

  • Ready-to-use. Just pour it in
  • Contains no slippery/hazardous glycol
  • Reduces engine temps by up to 30 degrees 
  • 100 percent water-based formula
  • Maximizes horsepower and torque
  • No freeze protection – maximum cooling
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Blended with chemically stable reverse osmosis water

VP Racing Fuels has been in the business of helping racers and enthusiasts run their vehicles at higher, more efficient levels. The Stay Frosty line of engine coolants is among the company’s newer products to further that endeavor. To find out more about this product, visit them online at

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