SEMA 2022: ADS Shocks From Holley Make Big Impact

On the hunt, looking for new off-road tech at the 2022 SEMA Show, Off Road Xtreme was excited to come across some new high-performance and vehicle-specific products from ADS Shocks. We caught up with Blane Burnett, Sr. events manager for Holley and he showed us some of the latest and greatest suspension components within the ADS Racing Shocks portfolio. Here is what we learned.

SEMA 2022: ADS Shocks From Holley Make Big Impact

ADS Coilovers And Bypass Shocks For The Toyota Tacoma

Starting things off was a setup for the 2005 and up Toyota Tacoma. This front and rear shock combo feature 2.5-inches of extended front travel, with the same figures in the rear. Each unit is adjustable to ride a full 3-inches over stock, with an optional 20 points of compression adjustment on call. Reservoirs can be externally mounted, and measure 2.5-inches in diameter for increased heat dissipation. Eibach springs in 600-, 650-, and 700-pound increments are all available for matching vehicle load needs.

The rear triple-tube bypass kit is meant to be used with aftermarket leaf springs and is purely a bolt-on affair. The shock’s built-in bump stage prevents bottoming out, while both compression and rebound are fully adjustable. As with the front units, these rear bypass kits come with a three-stage urethane seal for increased longevity.

ADS Coilover Shocks For 2021 And Up Ford Broncos

The 2.5-inch extended-travel coilovers are constructed for the Bronco to extend travel while maintaining stock suspension geometry. A full 20-points of compression adjustment is the norm with these units as well.

Ride height can be adjusted 3 to 4 inches on base models, with Sasquatch versions receiving a 2 to 3-inch bump in height from adjustment collars. Like the Tacoma components, these units are triple urethane coated and are designed for bolt-on installation without any major modifications. One interesting note is the use of true “dual-rate” coil springs for increased ride quality. This helps prevent severe impacts and bottoming out of the vehicle. Eibach springs come standard and are matched to accommodate both two and four-door variants of the Bronco.

SEMA 2022: ADS Shocks From Holley Make Big Impact

The New ADS 3.0-inch Multi-Stage Bypass Coilovers

With 14- to 16-inch stroke configurations (and many more options on the way), the Multi-Stage Bypass Ring (MBR) units are the king of fluid flow. Mechanical and hydraulic adjustments, four-way adjustable reservoirs, dual-hose recirculation, and internal bleed ports all make their mark with these off-road race-specific units.

SEMA 2022: ADS Shocks From Holley Make Big Impact

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