SEMA 2022: Finspeed Pushes Further Into Track Market With New Wheels

There is a common phrase in the automotive industry that states weight is the enemy of performance. This is extremely true when it comes to rotational weight found primarily in the drivetrain and wheels. Since the right wheels offer a great weight savings, it’s usually the first thing to replace in a race-oriented vehicle. However, being light does not equate to being strong, nor having the ability to handle the extreme stress seen on the race track when adding low treadwear racing tires.

To eliminate any on-track failures most seek out forged wheels that not only provide weight savings, but can also handle the vehicle pushing into corners on sticky tires. Holley has now added the Finspeed name to its over 75-brand lineup to accommodate racers looking for extremely clean wheels with weight savings and strength in mind.

A small glimpse into the process that goes into making an aluminum blank into a Finspeed wheel.

Since Finspeed’s introduction in 2009, the wheel company has taken advantage of the local Circuit Of The Americas track to provide wheels to racers coming into the area, as well as supplying wheels to manufacturers’ race teams. Their Texas location continues to push out wheels for multiple sizes and lug patterns with a unique look and high-performance functionality.

Two of the latest wheels from Finspeed are the Monoblock F100 and Monoblock EVO. These wheels are machined from a traditionally forged 6061-T6 aluminum wheel blank. Each wheel offers excellent track performance and also works great on the drag strip and the street. To remove even more weight both the F100 and EVO have the RT option that machines excess material around the center bore. In order to reduce tire slippage under hard acceleration and cornering, Finspeed has knurled the beat seat around each wheel.

If visiting the road course or drag strip is on your agenda, then you might want to check over Finspeed’s site to see the variety of sizes, colors, and options its wheels offer. While these are track oriented, remember they work and look great on the street, as well.

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