SEMA 2022: Powermaster Amps Up Market With Small Frame Alternator

Water pumps, fans, and power steering pumps derive their power from the serpentine belt system. This works great from an OE standpoint, but the unfortunate truth is this creates a parasitic loss on engine performance — something no enthusiast wants. The convoluted belt system only further pushes more owners to want to clean up their engine bay by swapping to electric components. However, without swapping the alternator it is a recipe for disaster.


The majority of sports car alternators in the ’80s and ’90s produced under 100 amps. This amp rating was typically done at RPM, meaning at idle it was even less, and required drivers to apply the throttle to stay running. Once you added in high-volume electric fuel pumps, larger fans, injectors, and a nice-sounding stereo system you had already far exceeded the capability of the stock alternator. Even worse, if that amperage would drop during a wide open throttle sprint you could lose power to your pump or pumps and create a lean situation.

Powermaster Performance sets to correct that with its newly developed Hairpin Replacement (HPR) Small Frame Alternators. These new Small Frame HPR alternators kick off with a 145 amps at idle, carry the momentum to 165 amps for cruising, and 175 amp at high-RPM. These amperage outputs mean your car will rely less on the battery to supply load and keep a more ideal state of charge and longer battery life.

Aside from providing functionality, the Small Frame HPR Alternators are a direct bolt-in upgrade for common housings and require only a one-wire connection. For those looking to dress their engine bay up, Powermaster offers the alternators in chrome, polished, or durable black finishes. They are also available in V-belt or serpentine pulley configuration.

If you’re ready to modernize your car’s engine bay or make it a hot rod, make sure your alternator is also up the task. There’s nothing worse than having a complete build, but neglecting your vehicle’s ability to power these items.

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