SEMA 2022: VMP Performance Hunts Down Horsepower On Predator Engine

There is a famous phrase that deals with an item’s potential versus the amount spent. The simplistic “bang for the buck” quote couldn’t have found a better home than in the automotive industry, as enthusiasts seek out the most performance per dollar spent. While the GT500 and Raptor R enthusiasts might not take finances into account, they do consider the power received within each upgrade. To meet the performance gains desired by owners of these supercharged 5.2-liter engines, VMP Performance has released an all-new Apex Predator Supercharger Lid Upgrade for Ford’s 2020+ Predator engine.


The 5.2-liter Predator engine found in the Shelby GT500 and Raptor R is known for making easy power with simple bolt-ons. The laundry list of products that were required in previous years to create a solid build has been reduced to only an intercooler, fuel, and tune. However, VMP Performance has been on a blood-thirst hunt to find all the hidden horsepower the 5.2-liter has. After engineering and testing a new supercharger lid design. VMP Performance has released their new Apex Predator Supercharger Lid Upgrade that has shown to increase power by 20 horsepower on the dyno at House Of Boost. When combined with VMP’s intercooler, a total gain of 40 rear wheel horsepower can be seen.

While VMP Performance designed its new Apex Predator Supercharger Lid Upgrade with functionality in mind, the new lid can fit over a variety of intercoolers, including the stock intercooler, VMP’s 81mm Race Intercooler, and the upcoming Apex Intercooler Upgrade. The lid fits under the stock strut-tower brace and allows owners to choose between the Apex Predator shark or OEM supercharger plaque. If you’re a nitrous or methanol injection lover, the lid features eight 1/8-inch NPT locations to add direct spray into your engine.

VMP Performance’s Apex Predator Supercharger Lid Upgrade for the 5.2-liter engine is more than just a creative design to an existing product. The new supercharger lid has the ability to flow more high-RPM air and increase power with a simple swap. If you’re looking to turn your Predator engine into an Apex Predator, then VMP Performance has you covered.

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