SEMA 2023: A 1965 Mustang Built With No Limitations On Imagination

When perusing through online car sale ads, the phrase ‘no expense spared’ or ‘one off-custom build’ is a common sight. Yet, where that expense was allocated or what makes something custom and limited production remains a topic for discussion. However, occasionally, a car emerges from the crowd that genuinely embodies these sentiments. This 1965 Mustang owned by Réjean Desjardins affectionately known as GT427 exemplifies an OEM-Plus approach, combining sophistication, advanced technology, and dream-like aesthetics all rolled into one beautiful ride.

More Than Meets The Eye

While the GT427 may seem like just another remarkable show car, enthusiasts view it as a master of disguise, concealing crucial features. These hidden aspects, if not disclosed, could perplex even seasoned Mustang experts, leaving them meticulously examining to fathom the modifications.

Upon inspecting the exterior, the seamlessly redesigned aesthetics stand out distinctly from the original build. Notably, the front end underwent a significant transformation, incorporating a one-piece design to address factory lines and misalignments. This modification also allowed for a reworked lower valance featuring an added lower intake. Crowned atop this reconstructed front end is a customized carbon-fiber hood, complete with a recessed hood scoop.


Carbon-fiber is prevalent throughout the body, beginning with the carbon-fiber splitter and grille surround. However, it’s the attention-grabbing carbon-fiber roof overlay that commands the most focus. The 45-degree orientation of the carbon-fiber weave is consistent across elements like the carbon hood scoop, front splitter, tail lamp finish panel, and even the side mirrors. Where carbon-fiber isn’t the highlight, the flush-mount glass with vent window and trim delete certainly takes the spotlight.

As Luxurious As It Is Beautiful

Stepping into the cabin would almost make you question if you’re still in a 1965 Mustang chassis. The Sabelt seats, designed to secure occupants even in the swiftest vehicles, have been reupholstered in leather, featuring vertical stripes on the front and back. A custom-fitted dashboard envelops the front, accompanied by a Sparc 3D steering wheel welcoming the driver. The dash is adorned with bespoke gauges from Classic Instruments, embellished with GT427 insignia throughout.

Safety remains a priority, with a concealed 10-point safety cage entirely shielded by interior panels and the headliner. Infusing a touch of modern audio into this classic ride is a touchscreen Pioneer head unit, along with Morel and Kicker component speakers and a 10-inch subwoofer powered by a JL Audio amp. The complete rear speaker system is housed within a carbon-fiber center panel.

Power To Perform

Beneath the hood, encased by custom carbon-fiber engine bay panels, rests neither a 200 cubic-inch inline-six nor the 289 cubic-inch V8. Instead, the fastback now boasts a 5.0-liter Boss 302 Engine. Atop the Coyote-based engine are Australian-built InnoV8 stacks that deliver an unrestricted intake system. Overseeing the entire setup is a MoTeC engine management system.


Inside the vehicle, anyone fortunate enough to take the wheel would promptly notice a Hurst shifter and three pedals on the floor. Instead of the typical 6R80 or 10R80 transmission commonly adapted for cruising, Réjean desired a more immersive experience, opting to manually shift gears using a TREMEC TKO 600, aiming to feel more connected and engaged with the car.

Managing over 400 horsepower in a vehicle of this size and weight can be challenging. To tackle this, Forgeline SC3C wheels paired with Michelin Pilot Super Sports ensure reliable traction, while the handling is enhanced by custom valve Penske shocks and the JME CNC K-frame.

A 1965 Mustang Like None Other

It’s fascinating to observe a car like the GT427 and the extensive effort involved in transforming it from a factory-built vehicle optimized for expedited production into a refined car with no unflattering angles. The vehicle is replete with remarkable bodywork, cleverly concealed areas, and is equipped with the power and suspension that complete the package. The next time I encounter someone claiming ‘no expense spared’ or ‘custom one-off,’ I’ll likely refer them to the soon-to-be legendary GT427, as the epitome of what these expressions truly signify.

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