SEMA 2023: BendPak Shows Taller Lift QuickJack 5000TL

SEMA 2023: BendPak Shows Taller Lift QuickJack 5000TL

We stopped by the BendPak booth at SEMA 2023 and talked with rep Mario Cardona about the finer points of the company’s new taller QuickJack. We learned that the new BendPak 5000TL adds an extra 3-inches of height to the lift. This tweak increases access to the undercarriage of your vehicle and enhances reach and comfort.

“Our QuickJack 5000TL portable car lift is a versatile tool that helps you lift your car safely and easily,” Mario told us. “With a capacity of up to 5,00o pounds and a lifting height of up to 24 inches, the QuickJack 5000TL can handle most types of vehicles, from sedans and coupes to SUVs and trucks.”

The BendPak 5000TL uses hydraulic power to raise and lower your vehicle. It consists of two low-profile frames that slide under the car, and four rubber blocks that support the lifting points. The frames are connected to a power unit that pumps fluid into the cylinders, lifting the car up to 24 inches off the ground. The power unit can be plugged into a standard 110V or 240V outlet or a 12V battery.

BendPak 5000TL

The Bendpak 5000TL is the latest and most advanced model of the QuickJack series, which has been popular among DIY’ers and racers for years. Lastly, the 5000TL also has the same compact dimensions as the previous models, so it can fit in most garages and trailers.

Additional Benefits:

  • Speed: The QuickJack 5000TL can lift your car in less than 30 seconds, saving you time and hassle. You don’t have to worry about jacking up each corner of the car or finding the right jack points. Just slide the frames under the car, position the blocks, and press a button.
  • Safety: The QuickJack 5000TL is designed to be stable and secure, with dual-locking safety bars that prevent the car from falling. You don’t have to rely on flimsy jack stands, or risk damaging your car or injuring yourself. The QuickJack 5000TL also has built-in safety features, such as overload protection, a pressure relief valve, and an emergency stop button.

BendPak 5000TL

  • Convenience: The QuickJack 5000TL is portable and easy to store, with a total weight of 215 pounds and a folded height of 3 inches. You can take it with you to the track, or store it in your garage or closet. The QuickJack 5000TL also comes with a remote pendant control, so you can operate it from a distance. You can also adjust the lifting height to suit your needs, with three locking positions at 18, 21, and 24 inches.
  • Versatility: The QuickJack 5000TL can handle most types of vehicles, from sedans and coupes to SUVs and trucks. It can also accommodate different wheelbases and widths, with adjustable frame lengths from 50 to 60 inches, and adjustable frame widths from 10.5 to 15 inches.

BendPak 5000TL

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