SEMA 2023: Brembo Provides More For Enthusiast Market

Within the enthusiast sector of the market, brake calipers often receive less attention than shiny performance parts. Many enthusiasts tend to embrace a traditional hot rod mentality, opting for parts from various OEM vehicles that potentially offer improved braking capabilities. However, an expanding market caters to those who seek superior braking power provided by a company renowned for crafting calipers utilized in hypercars and even Formula 1 — enter Brembo.

The New Ultimate Street Car

The recent wave of ultimate street car challenges has propelled a surge in vehicle builds that transcend the original intent of their chassis. Classic trucks now thunder down straightaways, deftly navigating corners with robust braking. Vintage and late-model cars dominate autocross sections, aiming for triple crown victories. 


Bob and Preston Folkestad installed a 7.3-liter Gorilla engine into their Fox Body Mustang. The duo worked with Race Technologies to outfit the Fox with custom Brembo GT-S front and rear setup.

Initially, the brake calipers on these cars were designed to match the horsepower ratings of their era. However, as these vehicles have evolved from low-horsepower engines to forced-inducted powerhouses, often boasting four-digit outputs, there arises a need for something not readily offered by the OEM market — a high-performance brake caliper capable of providing exceptional stopping power.

Observing racing, you’ll likely spot the vibrant calipers nestled behind the wheels of Formula 1, NASCAR, and even Rally racing vehicles. This brand serves as an original equipment (OE) supplier for supercars and more. Now, the aftermarket exhausts market can leverage technology that has trickled down from various racing spectrums, courtesy of the enthusiast-driven products offered by Race Technologies.

Race Technologies

Race Technologies serves not only as the United States distributor for Brembo but also as a Brembo partner. The company provides a user-friendly interface to check your vehicle’s product availability. Additionally, the Race Technologies team offers valuable technical support, ensuring that you select the right brake system for your specific motorsport needs. Given that saving seconds can often make the difference between winning and losing, their expertise is instrumental.

Elevate Your Build

Whether you’re gearing up for the ultimate street car challenge, aiming for a triple crown victory, or seeking dominance on the local racetrack or autocross, exploring what Brembo has to offer through Race Technologies is a must. Even if you’re simply after the cool aesthetics of those iconic giant calipers, there’s no shame in that.

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