SEMA 2023: Eddie Motorsports Brings Billet Hood Hinges To Fox Body

The Fox Body Mustang has long been the favored chassis for numerous drag racers. Its short wheelbase, lightweight structure, and capability to handle substantial power have established it as a formidable competitor both on and off the track. However, as the Fox Body Mustang has matured, so too have its owners, who now seek to create the ultimate street car blending the essence of the hot rod era with a modern show car status. Setting certain builds apart from the rest is the integration of billet products, and Eddie Motorsports has addressed this need with their new billet hood hinges designed specifically for the Fox Body Mustang.”

Utilitarian From Factory

It’s unlikely that Ford had a particular interest in elevating the hood hinges on the Fox Body Mustang beyond their functional purpose. At the time, emphasis was placed more on weight and cost savings rather than aesthetics. This is evident in features like the notably long prop rod used to support the hood. When it comes to enhancing the visual appeal of your Fox Body, incorporating billet hood hinges provides a simple yet striking means to impress when revealing your car’s powerhouse under the hood.

Billet Hood Hinges
While incorporating shiny billet products in builds is a common practice, the challenge has frequently revolved around sourcing suppliers that ensure uniform aesthetic appeal across all billet components. Cheaper billet products tend to lose their luster and oxidize over time. Additionally, their one-size-fits-all approach might lead to complications when fitting them to various hoods.”

Setting Your Build Apart

Eddie Motorsports puts those concerns to rest, drawing on years of expertise in delivering CNC Billet products for the hot rod market. Their most recent offerings target the Fox Body Mustang, presenting a range of options tailored to address your specific preferences and requirements. The hood hinges, expertly fashioned from billet aluminum, incorporate sealed bearings and stainless steel nitrogen gas struts for enhanced performance.

The Eddie Motorsports hood hinges are offered in raw machined or bright polished finishes, alongside an array of Fusioncoat and anodized color options. The hinges are designed as a bolt-on product and are equipped with standard struts for a stock steel hood. However, if you’ve installed an aftermarket hood, such as fiberglass or carbon fiber, you can specify the material type — steel, fiberglass, or carbon fiber — to ensure the proper struts are included.

Shed The 90s

While the 1979-1993 Mustang body exudes a timeless appeal for its era, there are specific areas that could benefit from enhancement. Fortunately, Eddie Motorsports’ modern manufacturing techniques and billet products can revitalize your vehicle, leaving behind the ’90s cost saving items and transforming it into a showstopper. Best of all, these products are proudly made in America.

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