SEMA 2023: Oracle Lighting Off-Road Laser Beams Are Awesome

The SEMA Show is a great opportunity to see the latest and greatest in the world of automotive aftermarket. Any of my favorite new products to scope out typically involve technology, and I found that in the Oracle Lighting booth. I am an easy sucker for anything with bright lights and the Oracle Lighting off-road laser beams are what caught my attention.

Most of the time a product demonstration will kind of raise an eyebrow but will not stop me in my tracks. When I saw this attractive Ford Bronco, I thought it was cool, but it became next-level cool when the LED Fog Light Kit brightened up the pathway ahead of me. They fit nicely in the OE steel Ford Bronco bumper, and I became even more intrigued.

SEMA 2023: Oracle Lighting Off-Road Laser Beams Are Awesome

Come to find out this is a total package. Featuring both a DOT/SAE-compliant fog light and an off-road laser module, the new combo lights provide unparalleled lighting power for current-generation Broncos in a rugged and easy-to-install package. The kits will be available beginning in December of this year.

Off-Road Laser Beams

The system configures multiple lighting products for both SAE-road-legal on-road mode and a hyper-focused off-road laser projection mode. The laser projection lighting distance is an astounding 3,250 feet.

We’ve combined the two best lighting technologies into a single unit to deliver a truly unparalleled lighting solution. Laser really is the next evolution in lighting, and these combination lights are perfect for those looking for maximum visibility, especially when driving at higher speeds off road where visibility over longer distances is critical. — Justin Hartenstein, ORACLE Lighting’s director of development.

The combination of LED and laser technology in a single unit delivers unmatched long-distance lighting power while being able to control each module separately for on and off-road driving. The LED-only on-road mode projects light to 980 feet, while the hyper-focused off-road laser projection distance is an astounding 3,250 feet. The fog lights produce 7,000 total raw lumens while drawing just 1.8 amps in LED and 3.6 amps in laser mode. Each beam level can be individually adjusted to account for vehicle lifts and desired beam angle.

SEMA 2023: Oracle Lighting Off-Road Laser Beams Are Awesome

The ORACLE Lighting Ford Bronco Off Road Laser and LED Fog Light Kit is designed to be a turn-key easy installation to fit 2021-24 Ford Bronco models with a factory steel bumper. The kit includes two light modules and two dual Deutsch DT 2M cable connectors.

ORACLE Lighting has a specialized lineup of lighting products tailored to automotive enthusiasts and is most well known for its OEM replacement upgrade products. Everything we saw in their booth was a super trick and looked to be made of the highest quality. They offered up the contact information by website, phone, and email.

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