SEMA 2023: ProCharger Force Feeds 2024 Mustang With Horsepower

The 5.0-liter Coyote engine from Ford Motor Company has gained acclaim for its efficiency in its naturally aspirated form. Yet, for many enthusiasts, more power equates to more fun. A great way to boost the power output in the Coyote-equipped Mustang is through supercharging, and now, thanks to ProCharger Superchargers, you can enhance your 2024 Mustang without needing to alter Ford’s twin throttle body setup.

Centrifugal Superchargers For All

ProCharger has earned a prominent place in the centrifugal supercharger market, propelling numerous S550 Mustangs to achieve impressive 7- and 8-second passes down the dragstrip. The technology extends beyond just the dragstrip though, empowering many to effortlessly obtain 300-plus horsepower on their street cars. However, with the adjustments made to the Gen-4 Coyote, ProCharger too had to devise new solutions to complement the updated lineup.

The new Stage I ProCharger kit for the 2024 Mustang delivers 250-plus horsepower gains by utilizing just 6 psi of boost through a P-1SC-1 supercharger. No need to search for a tuner, as ProCharger offers ECU/TCU tuning as part of the package. The kit comes with a billet CNC bracket, offering the option of 6, 8, or 10 rib pulleys. Furthermore, it allows you to retain the factory twin throttle body setup or opt for a single throttle body configuration.

The Stage 1 kit offers options tailored to your goals, including two intercooler choices with cooling capabilities of 750 or 1200 horsepower. Additionally, for enthusiasts spending more time at the drag strip, a crank support option is available. If more power is your aim, consider the Stage 2 system, providing a 2.5 psi of boost increase, resulting in horsepower gains surpassing 315. This package includes a 75-percent larger intercooler and an 8-rib dedicated belt drive system.

ProCharger Staying Above the Curve

While Ford enhanced the S650 Mustang to offer more horsepower than any previous generation, ProCharger has kept pace by providing kits that meet the centrifugal supercharger needs of Mustang owners. Even better is that these technological advancements and engineering changes will also benefit the S550 model kits! The anticipation of experiencing a ProCharged 2024 Mustang firsthand is something we eagerly look forward to.

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