A Look Behind The Curtain At Vortech Headquarters

Vortech’s headquarters is located in Southern California. (Photo credit: Vortech Superchargers)

Vortech’s headquarters is located in Southern California. (Photo Credit: Vortech Superchargers)

If you’re a longtime Blue Oval fan, then you’ll probably know just how deep Vortech Superchargers‘ history is with forced induction and Mustangs truly runs. The company, ironically enough, started producing supercharger kits for the Fox 5.0-liter Mustang nearly three decades ago, and it continues to produce supercharger packages for virtually every Mustang available since then. When it comes to Paxton superchargers, you might be surprised to find out that these superchargers harken back to Carroll Shelby’s days of modifying classic Mustangs.

Vortech and Paxton utilize a suite of design and analytical software tools to create advanced centrifugal compressor stages. — Jimmy Martz, Vortech

“It should be no secret that Paxton’s history with Mustangs spans back to the early days with Paxton supercharged Shelby Mustangs,” Jimmy Martz, Director of Global Sales for Vortech Superchargers told us. “Paxton superchargers came equipped from the factory on some Shelby Mustangs, but also were dealer-equipped since 1965. Vortech also started with the Mustang, but with the Fox Mustang platform in 1990.”

In fact, Jimmy said that the first Vortech system ever produced was for the 5.0-liter, utilizing its V-1 A-Trim of superchargers. Truly ahead of its time, Jimmy explained that compressor is still running to this day, and has now clocked more than 350,000 miles of testing.

“The Fox Mustang systems are actually still some of our most popular (and highest selling) systems as of today – even more than 26 years later,” he enthused.


It is rare for a supplier to open its doors and invite you into its facility for an inside look at how things are done – revealing there are no magic tricks, smoke or hidden mirrors – just a simple recipe for good old go-fast parts, homegrown in the U.S.A.

From concept to shipping, Vortech handles the entire process of creating superchargers and supercharger kits in-house at its Oxnard, California, headquarters – thanks to an elite collective of engineering wizards and car enthusiasts that are hand-picked for the job.

A sea of volutes is a common sight in Vortech’s engineering department.

A sea of volutes is a common sight in Vortech’s engineering department.

We don’t have to outsource anything during the entire process. — Jimmy Martz, Vortech

“All of Vortech and Paxton’s products are designed and engineered at our facility in Southern California,” Jimmy said. “Within the engineering department, we have our SAE J1723-compliant supercharger dyno test cell, as well as an engine dyno and a chassis dyno. Our methods of testing are virtually limitless due to the fact that we don’t have to outsource anything during the entire process.”

Vortech incorporates a full machine shop in house with an array of A77 Makino machines, and even has a multi-pallet system with live tooling and a loading robot. From the amount of casting, machining and resources embedded into its facility, the capability of running the shop at a 24/7 level when they need to, is not an uncommon sight.

From gear cases to impellers, bypass valves and everything in between, are created in-house at Vortech's facility.

“We also have a full fabrication shop at our facility and a series of precision assembly stations, as well as a team of service technicians, and of course our office staff for any type of support needed,” Jimmy added. “Vortech also has two other brands that operate out of the corporate headquarters, which are Vortron Industrial and Vortech Marine.”

He explained that Vortron specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-performance, high-efficiency centrifugal supercharger systems for industrial applications, such as air-knife systems, bulk conveyance, and other manufacturing applications. While Vortech Marine, engineers and manufactures new and improved impellers and superchargers for Seadoo and Yamaha applications. We think its safe to assume that Jimmy and his crew never stop working.

Looking for more information on Vortech Superchargers‘ in-house capabilities? Head over to its website for more details here.

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