$10K Drag Shootout Season 3 No Prep: Applications Now Open


Whether you are a shop, a bunch of racers from the same town or an individual that loves to wrench, we want you to apply to star in the third season of Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout.

$10K Drag Shootout tests the abilities of 4 teams to see who can build the fastest car possible in just 10 days on a budget of only $10,000. Once the teams complete their build it’s time to go down to the track for a head-to-head competition where the team who proves they’re the fastest takes home $10,000 and their finished car.

With only a 10-day build time frame and large amounts of fabrication and tuning combined with the lack of testing leading up to the race, this is not only a war of technique but also endurance. One small detail left incomplete can have cataclysmic effects on race day, but for the one team that pulls it all together – there will be no greater feat. 

In the third season of the $10K Drag Shootout there will be some changes made to the competition. This year there will be a no prep track surface, meaning that nothing has been done to the track to help the drivers out. With such limited traction, we’ve updated the tire specifications to allow for a larger sized slicks. Additionally, this year the final race will be taking place in Riverside, California at a private location rather than a pre-established drag race like in years past. 

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The Details:

Overview of Shootout: Teams will compete against each other to see who can build the quickest drag racing car (“Vehicle”) over a period of 10 days, with a budget of $10,000 — which will consist of $3,000 in cash and a $7,000 Summit Racing Equipment Gift Card. Each Team (“Team”) will consist of six people: One (1) Team leader (“Team Leader”), and five (5) crew (“Crew”) members. Among the Team of six (6) people, one driver (“Driver”) must be pre-identified. Team Leader shall be the original Applicant for the Competition; and will lead the Team and be the final decision maker for all decisions during the Competition. During the Competition, there will be surprise bonuses, competitions, and challenges that can assist, or hurt, the chances of each Team’s ability to build their vehicle and win.

Prizes: The winning Team will win their vehicle and shall be awarded $10,000 in cash, payable at the conclusion of the privately hosted head-to-head competition.

Build Location & Details: The 10-day build period will be taking place June 2020 in Riverside, California. All  Team members must be present for orientation. Teams will work for the ten (10) build days, receive one (1) day off, then return for three (3) days of racing. All team members must stay in California throughout the duration of filming for final wrap up and interviews. 

Build Details: Each Team will have ten (10) days to build their vehicle in accordance with the Rules of the Shootout. The entire build will be done by each Team in Riverside, California. Each Team will be provided a lift, and access to basic tools, equipment (including welding equipment), and shall have access to a chassis dyno in the Facility. After the ten day build process, each vehicle will be impounded prior to the race portion of the competition. The studio will be closed to the public and the public will not be permitted to observe the builds and/or filming at the facility.

In the first two seasons of the $10K Drag Shootout the final race took place at public drag racing events such as Shakedown and Lights Out. Teams this year will build their cars to race for the cash and their car at a $10K Drag Shootout exclusive event, more details will be provided later.

Changes for 2020 Include:

  • The final race will be taking place at a privately hosted head-to-head competition
  • There will be a no prep track surface this year
  • Tire rules are opening up to allow for larger slicks

To be a part of this season you must fill out the application COMPLETELY as directed with high-quality photos. You may also produce a video as well to give your team an additional advantage, but this is not required. If you don’t fill out the application as directed you won’t be considered for the show. The deadline to apply is March 10, 2020. So, get your team together and get the application filled out TODAY!

CLICK HERE to access the application and fill it out.

[Ed note: if you have any problems submitting your form, please email [email protected]]


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