2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty Geared Up For All Owners

The Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks have long since been the workhorse of the job site, however, over the years, the truck has slowly morphed its way into the consumer market, as well. On one end, you have consumers seeking a truck that has excellent towing capabilities, an above-average ride height, and a technology package to suit their needs. On the other, you have companies that are looking for a commercial work vehicle to be used as a tool without compromise or downtime. Because of this multi-directional buying force, Ford had to create a diverse lineup of Super Duty trucks that have the ability to please all parties.

Super Duty

In order to do that, Ford has to engineer the lineup to include different drivetrain options, technology packages, and of course creature comforts. The all-new F-Series Super Duty has arrived and Ford hopes to satisfy those desires by offering four different engine options, Pro Power Onboard, and 5G capability to maintain internet on the go.

Super Duty is a name that is trusted to get the job done, and our customers have helped to make it the most popular commercial truck in America, bar none. – Ted Cannis, CEO of Ford Pro.

Super Duty Engine Options

As expected, Ford will be retiring the 6.2-liter Boss engine from its Super Duty trucks. The new standard gas engine will be a 6.8-liter Godzilla variant. Details are sparse on the internals of this new engine, but Ford is claiming the smaller gasoline engine will be aimed at providing low-end torque and better acceleration. Meanwhile, the highly coveted 7.3-liter Godzilla will remain the go-to engine for those looking for maximum horsepower and torque out of a gas engine in the Super Duty dropdown.

The diesel side will not see a variation in cubic inches, but rather in supporting parts. While the 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 diesel is positioned for the job site and requires fewer maintenance intervals, the new high-output 6.7-liter Power Stroke will feature a unique turbo, upgraded exhaust manifolds, and unique tuning targeting the best horsepower and torque in the class.

Tow And Go

While most owners of the Super Duty claim to use their truck for hauling, it would make sense that Ford Motor Company would put an emphasis on towing technology as well.

“Our goal was to leave drivers with zero blind spots, even when towing the longest trailers,” says Andrew Kernahan, Ford Super Duty chief engineer. “Camera views provide every angle, from simulating a drone to making sure customers can see behind the truck even when the tailgate is down. Hitching and towing has never been easier.”

Super Duty owners can now skip the scales with the addition of Onboard Scales and Smart Hitch that will estimate cargo weight in real-time and provide guidance about trailer tongue-weight distribution on the center touchscreen, FordPass app, or within the tail lamps. A 360-degree trailer camera system will give pilots of the Super Duty a birds-eye view to avoid costly collisions. The Super Duty will also be equipped with blind spot notification that alerts drivers to vehicles passing by, even when towing a gooseneck trailer.

For those who suffer from a lack of reverse driving skills, Ford has incorporated a Pro Trailer Hitch Assist that automatically backs the truck up and aligns the hitch ball to the trailer receiver. In case you don’t have a spotter ahead of you, the Super Duty also comes equipped with Trailer Navigation that will plot routes that cater to your trailer dimensions and weight. Ford did not disclose if this will help avoid weigh stations.

A Touch Of Technology

If escaping communication and the internet is not an option, you’re in luck. The 2023 Super Duty will come equipped with 5G accessibility. The provided Wi-Fi will also work as a hotspot for up to 10 devices to make sure your significant other will be able to reach you at any job site.

A standard 8-inch center display will come standard on the XL model, but stepping up to a higher trim level will provide a 12-inch display. To maintain a busy appearance, Ford has provided a center console slot that holds tablets upright. Once the boss has left, the Max Recline Seats provide the perfect napping spot, as they fold almost completely flat. When the workday is over, you can jam out to a 640-watt stereo or be the life of the party with an optional 1,080-watt, 18-speaker upgrade provided by Bang and Olufsen.

The Super Duty Rundown

It appears that Ford Motor Company has made revisions on the 2023 F-Series Super Duty in all ways possible to broaden the audience of Ford’s workhorse truck. The all-new F-series Super Duty reaches past the job site and into the driveway of Ford lovers who are seeking out more than the F-150 can legally provide. The 2023 Ford F-Series Super Duty is slated to go on sale in early 2023 with some features and trim series available starting in spring 2023.

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