Adam LZ Picked Up By Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s RTR Vehicles Team

RTR Vehicles are known for their ability to give the Ford Mustang a new image. The company was founded by drift wizard Vaughn Gittin Jr back in 2009. If you attend a Ford-sponsored event then you have seen Vaughn sliding his RTR Mustangs around. While refreshing the looks of a Mustang is one thing, his ability to bring in new generations of potential gearheads is another, and what better way to connect with his client base than to bring aboard YouTube vlogger Adam LZ?

LZ Makes It Looks EZ

LZ’s has managed to amass over 3.3-million subscribers in a relatively short amount of time. His videos include BMX lifestyle, car culture and drift society all packaged into one. While his focus has shifted to primarily drifting, his database of followers joined for the ride. After entering numerous events, LZ made it clear that he has the skills to back up the hype. The RTR team currently consists of Vaughn Gittin, Jr. and Chelsea DeNofa as the drift front-runners.

What does this mean for RTR? Well, for starters this could mean a break in the action from its oner. Vaughn has been quoted as saying, “I’ve been going hard for a long time and doing 30 or 40 events a year for many years and it’s just getting to where I’m running out of time to think.”

Don’t expect Gittin, Jr. to step completely out of the picture, though. Gitten plans to continue to be within the community he’s built.

“I plan on doing a bunch of automotive festivals and enthusiast type of events where I can be out driving our creations, giving people ride-along experiences and creating fun content. It’s just continuing to do what I do: have fun, inspire people, and be a part of the automotive community and do my part in it,” he said.

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