AMD’s New OE-Style Replacement Hood For ’68-’69 Ford Fairlane/Torino

Anyone searching for legitimate OE-style replacement sheet metal for their vintage muscle has undoubtedly encountered Auto Metal Direct (AMD). The company has built a solid reputation with extensive experience in the collector car and restoration sectors of the automotive industry. For many years, the company has focused on body panels and accessories for vintage muscle and trucks from the golden era of American Iron. AMD is a valuable parts source for Dodge, Plymouth, Ford, and GM musclecars and Ford and GM trucks.

What sets AMD apart is the attention to detail. The company insists on manufacturing their panels from the proper gauge steel and includes all correct-as-original clips, tabs, flanges, bends, and seams. “Each time a prototype body panel comes off of a new tooling, we test fit is on a car,” said Jason Chandler, AMD’s Marketing Director. “The marked-up prototype is then used to change and improve the tooling, and a new prototype is produced.” According to Chandler, this procedure might be repeated multiple times but, once the part is finally approved, everyone can be assured of a quality part.

The Latest Product 1968-69 Ford Fairlane / Torino GT Style Hood

Always looking for overlooked car models and body panels neglected by the automotive aftermarket, AMD looks to give enthusiasts additional options for anyone looking to restore some of this classic iron. The sixth-generation Ford Fairlane and 1968-69 Ford Torino hood is the latest development from the manufacturer.

Unbeknownst to many of us, Auto Metal Direct has been working on a complete line of new sheet metal panels for the 66-71 Fairlane and Torino. The OE-Style hood for the 1968-69 Ford Fairlane and Torino is the latest release in that effort. This part replaces Ford part# C8OZ-16612-B.

There is no doubt the sixth generation Ford Fairlane was a razor-sharp beautiful car. AMD’s new OE-style hood will add a factory-new touch to any restoration of this model. Stamped from high-quality steel on exclusive new tooling made by AMD, each hood features the correct shape, size, holes, bends, curves, braces, and body lines, like the original. Hoods arrive EDP coated to help protect against rust and corrosion.

For more information on this or the other sheet metal products and accessories by AMD, visit them online at

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