Auction Fever Makes Fox Fans Crazy As Cobras Sell For Six Figures

Auction Fever Makes Fox Fans Crazy As Cobras Sell For Six Figures

Arguably the pinnacle of factory Fox Mustang performance, the 1993 Mustang Cobra closed out an incredible era in style. Not only was it the most potent Fox Mustang to roll out of the factory, but it was the product of the newly formed Special Vehicle Team. The same team that would later birth notable performance Mustangs, like the 2000 Mustang Cobra R and 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra known as the Terminator.

A Fox Ahead Of The Curve

Built to the perform, the 1993 Cobra is powered by a 235-horsepower 5.0L engine backed by a T-5 manual transmission. An 8.8 rearend with Traction-Lok differential rounded off the rear. To exceed the Mustang GT of that same year by 30 horsepower, it featured a unique cast-aluminum intake, which drew on engineering from the Ford Motorsport SVO GT-40 intake, as well as GT-40 aluminum cylinder heads, roller rocker arms, and more.

This 1993 SVT Mustang Cobra sold for an amazing $110,000 at auction. A pristine example, it has just over 1,200 miles on the clock and is optioned with the coveted black interior.

With four-wheel disc brakes and an upgraded suspension, the 1993 Cobra was not only built to perform, but its production was limited to just 4,993 vehicles in the final year of the Fox Mustang. At a recent auction in Kissimmee, Florida, which wrapped up on January 16, two of those Cobras hammered for more than six figures. A red snake with a black cloth interior and 1,205 miles on the odometer pulled in a whopping $110,000. Not to be out done, a black version with gray cloth interior and a scant 860 miles also sold for $110,000.

Meanwhile, this 1993 Cobra — optioned with a gray interior and featuring only 860 miles on the odometer — brought in the same $110,000 payday for the seller. Is this the beginning of a wave of increased valuation based on Fox Mustang nostalgia?

It would seem that we are reaching the moment of peak Fox, and these prices are sure to garner the attention of Fox fans and general automotive collectors alike. While these Cobras are deserving of economic adoration, it is worth noting that there are likely more of them stashed away in pristine shape than there of the more common models. For example, try finding a pristine Fox coupe that never saw the drag strip…

It remains to be seen if these prices are anomalies or part of a trend, however, will likely make it more expensive to acquire a clean Fox in the future.

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