Batten Motorsports Crushes 10R80 Record With 1,433 RWHP!

Batten down the hatches! This 2019 Ford Mustang GT with its third-gen Coyote engine (disclaimer, it’s modified) makes more than 1,433 horsepower and 1,154 lb-ft of torque at its rear feet and now holds the current 10R80 ten-speed automatic transmission record as a result, besting the previous record by nearly 100 rear-wheel horsepower.

The car is owned by Tom Harrison (no relation to your author) and is a long-time customer of Batten Motorsports, as the shop’s owner Coty Batten, puts it. Tom consulted Coty and his team from the get-go, and although making big power was on the table from the start, holding the current 10R80 record just so happened to come with the territory. Here’s how Batten Motorsports built a record-holding Mustang from Maine.

“One of our good customers, Tom Harrison, reached out to us during his car buying process,” Coty explained.

“After discussing big-power potential builds, we decided that a 2019 Ford Mustang GT was the best platform for his goals in mind, so Tom ordered the car right away.”

Like any car enthusiast, Tom wanted to get a feel for what his Mustang could do in factory form. Tom took to his local dragstrip in Maine and let loose, accomplishing the baseline quarter-mile passes that Batten Motorsports recommended.

Just your average third-gen Coyote under the hood? Think again. This ‘Stang makes use of a Hellion Power Systems’ Street Sleeper Hidden twin-turbo system.

“From there, he brought it right to us just as a new short-block we ordered for the build was being delivered,” Coty recalled.

“The car arrived with barely any miles on it. We were extremely excited to get to work on the project, knowing we were about to embark on the most powerful build we’ve done to date!”

Hellion Power Systems‘ Street Sleeper Hidden twin-turbo system feeds that insatiable appetite. Coty shared that the kit uses a pair of 64/66 Precision turbochargers, which produce plenty enough boost to the Coyote for quadruple-digit horsepower figures.

“With big power in mind, we immediately reached out to our friend Tim Eichorn of MPR Racing Engines and ordered a sleeved third-gen Coyote short-block. We discussed power figures with Tim, who prepared the short-block for more than 1,500 rear-wheel horsepower,” Coty detailed.

What’s more, the long-block uses the factory compression ratio and factory cylinder heads, including the OEM camshafts.

If you know MPR, then you’ll know every short-block that leaves its shop is custom-made. Tom’s gen 3 Coyote is no exception.

Coty and his team leaned on fuel system components from Fore Innovations and Injector Dynamics to ensure the 2019 Mustang has more than enough fuel for its newfound boost.

“We outfitted the car with a dual fuel regulator setup, along with a TI Automotive triple 285 lph fuel pump system and ID1700X fuel injectors,” he shared.

Coty said the Mustang prefers a steady diet of Ignite Racing Fuel‘s Red E90 when making big power, and that a Leash Electronics‘ Boost Leash boost controller monitors the flow of boost under pressure.

This 10R80 ten-speed automatic transmission built by Midnight Performance and Circle D Specialties torque converter are tasked with transferring nearly 1,500 horsepower to the rear wheels.

As far as the record-holding 10R80 secret recipe goes, Coty had this to say.

“The transmission was built by Midnight Performance,” he explained.

“It started out as a factory 10R80, which Midnight Performance then massaged by machining in additional clutches and other upgraded components. It’s currently the strongest 10R80 transmission available. No one has actually been able to put all the power potential through this transmission, and we found the limits. We also produced the most horsepower that’s ever been put through one in the process.”

As previously mentioned above, Coty said the combination of go-fast parts results in a staggering 1,433 horsepower and 1,154 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels on 28 psi of boost, thanks to a custom tune from the Mustang EFI gurus at Lund Racing.

“Going into this, we knew that the world record for power for the ’18/’19 10R80-Mustang was set at 1,337 [rear-wheel horsepower]; and we went right over that with 1,433 [rear-wheel horsepower],” Coty enthused.

“We’re known as Maine’s most powerful shop, and I think we’ve proven it. We hold the record for the most power put through a 10R80, as well as there aren’t any other cars around here that produce that kind of power,” he concluded.

Coty tells us that the next goal for the Mustang is to hit the local dragstrip for quarter-mile results, and Coty confidentially expects no less than low 8’s in the quarter! Check back soon for an update on Batten Motorsports‘ record-holding Mustang.

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