Boost Your 2018 Mustang To Over 670 RWHP For Under $6,000

For anyone reading this, buying a new ride is really just laying the foundation for a new project. However, if you are dropping the cash to pick up a 2018 Mustang GT, you might not have a lot of budget left for modding right off the bat. Fortunately, Terry “Beefcake” Reeves of Team Beefcake Racing is looking out for you with an affordable Vortech upgrade package.

My honest opinion is that the Vortech and Paxton kits are just the best bang for the buck out there… — Terry “Beefcake” Reeves

“Basically, our ‘Beefcake Special’ package that I coined about eight years has just evolved into the ’18 platform,” Terry explained. “As a fellow racer, I am always looking for the best deal. When I started my business, I wanted to give guys a way to be able to afford to do things to their vehicle they normally couldn’t, so I started taking the base tuner kits and packaging them with injectors, fuel pump voltage boosters, and whatever items they needed at an affordable package price.”

This special package is based on a Vortech V3 tuner kit supported by Injector Dynamics high-flow fuel injectors, and a Vortech Max Flow fuel pump voltage booster. The optional Lund Racing custom calibration allowed the car in the video above to make the most its new upgrades.

“Customers usually want more, and manufacturer packages are typically a little more on the conservative side for the average guy,” Terry said. “Most of my customers aren’t average. My thought was that if a customer could take that base package get better fueling, custom tuning, and maybe a few more odds and ends, for about the same money as a standard kit that several things would happen: The customer would be happier with the car because of the increased performance. They would appreciate the value they got from that package and remember that for future purchases, and the customer then takes the extra money they just saved, and puts that back into other mods, thereby starting the cycle over again.”

Beefcake Special 2018 Mustang Vortech Upgrade

• Injector Dynamics ID 1050x fuel injectors

• Vortech V3 self-contained supercharger tuner kit w/ 3.6-inch drive pulley

• Vortech Max Flow fuel pump voltage booster


• 160-degree, low-temp thermostat

• Brisk spark plugs

• Eight-rib pulley upgrade

• JLT Performance cold-air kit

• Lund Racing custom remote calibration

• Lund Racing nGauge

• Vortech Maxflow race blow-off valve

• Vortech supercharger upgrade

SCT Performance X4

Of course, there are numerous power adders on the market for the latest Mustangs, and Terry sells many of them. However, as we have witnessed, he has a long history utilizing Vortech boost on his personal projects, so it’s no surprise one of these packages are based on blowers from the big V.

“It’s no secret that we are Vortech’s largest auto dealer out there,” Terry said. “People think I choose Vortech because I sell a lot of Vortech, but those like you that have been around for 20 years, know that I ran Vortech products on my cars since the late ’90s when I was running around town with a mid-10-second daily driver. It’s not that hard to do today, but 20 years ago it was an accomplishment.”

“At the end of the day, my honest opinion is that the Vortech and Paxton kits are just the best bang for the buck out there,” he added. “It’s the most affordable kit. It has the least amount of heat soak in my experience after 20 years of testing setups. And, it has great upgrade potential. I choose Vortech because I believe in the product, and I’m passionate about it.”

It’s pretty easy to get excited about the product when it produces results like it did on this customer’s 2018 Mustang GT. After ordering the Beefcake Special, this owner’s second-gen S550 delivered 670.53 horsepower and 502.80 lb-ft of torque from just 9.74 pounds of boost.

Want to add boost to your 2018+ Mustang GT but you balling on a budget? Team Beefcake Racing offers an upgrade package that delivers well over 600 rear-wheel horsepower for under $6,000.

“With running the car hard, I went right to a large head a billet YSi unit for four-digit numbers on my personal car. However, I was dying to get a base package in our hands and see what Lund Racing was going to do with it on the tuning side of things,” Terry explained. “I was very impressed with the results of the kit. David, who brought his car to us — all the way from Canada, by the way — to have our partners at Finish Line Performance do the installation, had seen what we had been doing with the cars and thought it was the right choice for him.”

The high-winding, dual-fuel Gen 3 Coyote and the belt-driven blower obviously get along quite well based on those results. And, if you wanted to push the power even higher, just a few optional upgrades would get you there.

With a pretty conservative setting delivering less than 10 pounds of boost, the Beefcake Special Vortech package boosted this 2018 Mustang to over 670 horsepower and 509 lb-ft of torque. “Keep in mind that the owner has plans to run e85 down the road, which is why we went for the 1050x injectors,” Terry said. “We should be able to achieve the same results on pump with a customer running a set of 47 lb/hr injectors. That would knock off another $500. Can you say $5,495 for around 800 crank horsepower?”

“These engines can sing to about 8,000 RPM. With David’s car, we finished the tuning in the 7,200-or-so range. After that the factory cats start creating some knock, and we see timing starting to pull. I can’t wait to see what a car with a set of headers will do on this base setup. Another 800 RPM with no knock, on a centrifugal car, should yield some great results,” Terry added. “The headers alone should be worth 25-30 on a blown application, not to mention the extra horsepower from another 2 psi or so. I am thinking we’ll see somewhere in the 710-730 rear-wheel-horsepower range with injectors and a custom tune with headers on this setup. With race gas or e85, look out as it will make 800 wheel easily all day long!”

These new cars really are impressive, and if the idea of boosting yours for under six grand is appealing, you can get all the details on this special package right here.

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