Buy A New Steering Column Or Rebuild Your Old, Worn-Out Unit?

Now that winter is finally getting ready to make an exit, it’s time to finish-up that much-needed maintenance and/or upgrade on your classic ride. With that said, it might be time to take a look at the steering column in your hot rod before driving season arrives? It’s been working dutifully for years, but last year, when you parked your car for the winter, it seemed to be getting a bit “loose.” As you sit there looking at the task ahead, one question enters your mind, “should I rebuild it or get a new one”?

While rebuilding the column is an excellent option, there are a few things you will need to consider before you begin. For starters, the basic column your ride currently uses might be adequate, but even after it’s rebuilt, it might perform only marginally better than it did before the rebuild. In other words, it might be worn beyond repair. What’s more, is disassembling a steering column within your wheelhouse of capabilities? Especially if it has a tilt mechanism. If it doesn’t have tilt, wouldn’t it be nice if it did?

If the phrase, "Made In The USA" means as much to you as it does IDIDIT, you'll understand why they are considered to be one of the best in the business.

Installing an aftermarket steering column is definitely another option, and we reached out to the folks at IDIDIT to find out why you might want to consider a new steering column from them as opposed to trying to rebuild that worn unit you currently have.

Chevy Hardcore – Why should anyone buy an IDIDIT column as opposed to rebuilding a column?

IDIDIT – We manufacture steering columns that are better than OE in most cases. IDIDIT steering columns provide updated components that enhance the overall look, feel, and longevity of the product. Most original steering columns were not held to tolerances like we have now and components within the original columns are now either broken or worn out. IDIDIT steering columns in most cases also offer additional accessories and/or options that weren’t offered with the original columns such as tilt, telescoping, cruise, dimmers, and wipers. We focus on creating steering columns for your ride that provide original style with modern convenience.

Chevy Hardcore – As far as information, what would IDIDIT like to make clear to readers?

IDIDIT – We offer better than stock, direct bolt-in retrofit columns for many specific vehicle applications. IDIDIT also offers universal columns in many different styles that are sold by length rather than vehicle application. This creates endless fitment possibilities. If a Retrofit Column or Universal Column does not fit your needs, we can always build a custom column too.

If your old column does not have a tilt mechanism, isn't it time to look into getting a steering column that does? Even if your old steering column does have tilt, are you ready to get into a rebuild? Why not get a new steering column and avoid the hassle?

The finishes that IDIDIT offers give you more options than what would be available with original columns. Most IDIDIT steering columns come in floor-shift or column-shift styles, and where applicable, we offer our unique 8-position tilt, four-way flashers and self-canceling turn signals. Neutral safety switches and keyed ignitions can also be added to many of our columns.  We offer several add-on features such as floor mounts, column drops, shift indicators, cruise control units, dimmer/wiper kits, dress-up kits, cable shift linkage kits, steering wheel adapters, and keyless ignition options.

IDIDIT is so sure of the quality and durability of our column that we offer the best warranty in the industry, a Lifetime Warranty. IDIDIT has an in-house customer service team and tech support that is unrivaled when it comes to the knowledge and passion of the industry and our products. We are certified in ISO9001:2015 with design and have an in-house engineering staff that is growing so we can continually develop safer, more innovative products.

steering column

Each column is carefully assembled to ensure years of trouble-free service.

IDIDIT steering columns and accessories are American-made, using the highest quality materials, and the company sources the majority of our raw materials from within a 500-mile radius of our factory in Tecumseh, Michigan. We try to manufacture as much of the column in-house as we possibly can, which includes not only the assembly of the column, but the components that go into the column as well.  For the items that we cannot process in-house, we have a rigorous and selective process when choosing the sourcing vendor. Our motto is “Quality is not only what we do, but it’s also who we are” and we stand behind that 100-percent.

So, if you’re ready to give your ride a new feel for the road, maybe it’s time you think about updating that old steering column with an updated and all-new unit from IDIDIT.

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