Check Out Ringbrothers Drop Top Dream Car With 4,200 Hours Invested

The Ringbrothers are famous for producing subtle, but somehow over the top creations that contain classic restomod vibes. These creations have a balanced personality that blurs the lines between classic car and modern vehicle. It seems to work well for the Ringbrothers, as they are easily considered a top shelf builder known for taking vehicles to a level of artwork. Well, once again the have created a stir with their latest creation.

All photos courtesy of Ringbrothers.


The newest edition to the Ringbrothers portfolio is a 1964.5 Mustang convertible. Under the hood of this Pony car is a 5.0-liter Coyote engine that is paired to a 10R80 transmission. The interior is finished in black and has creature comforts that lacked when the original car was produced. While the engine bay and interior are jaw-dropping, it’s the exterior that truly steals the spotlight. The Ringbrothers sprayed the Mustang in Burgundy Brave paint from Glasurit. As the sun hits the paint it gives off a candy impression that brings the entire package to a finish.

A set of 18-inch EVOD Industries wheels replace the factory offerings, but still pay homage to the original Mustang Rally design. The newly mounted 18-inch wheels are wrapped in Continental Tires making sure the Coyote power reaches the pavement. The Ringbrothers positioned the Mustang’s stance through the use of Penske Racing Shocks RS Edition performance coilovers. With the suspension set, power provided, and looks attained, the final attention to detail was the Baer brakes providing the ability to stop.

Every piece of this car has been touched and updated with the original design cues in mind, down to the iconic Mustang taillight bezels, gas cap, and running horse emblems. Ringbrothers Co-Founder Jim Ring.

The Ringbrothers objective was to “subtly evolve and modernize the original Mustang’s lines and proportions.” Their ability to hide the amount of work that was put into the chassis, making us second guess each piece, means they achieved that goal. The vintage aesthetics remained in place and yet the modernization of the drivetrain is clearly visible. Unlike builds that sway too far one way, the Ringbrothers have a way of personifying a generation and adding modern “what if” touches, without the illusion of grandeur. Well done RingBrothers, well done.


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