Chip Foose Envisions a Shelby Fox-Body Mustang

Chip Foose Envisions a Shelby Fox-Body Mustang

Just a few days ago, I was talking with a colleague about the Fox-body Mustang era, and it occurred to us (like a punch to the gut) that the first Fox-body Mustang has officially passed its 40th birthday (yes, we’re two years late here). As a 16-year-old kid, I bought my first Fox-body, proudly driving it to high school, around town, and getting into trouble with friends — an experience I’m sure many of you can relate to. It was that very 1989 Mustang that began my love affair with Ford vehicles, leading to the purchase of two additional Foxes over the years.

My story is not unlike a lot of stories of the Ford faithful, and over the years, I’ve watched as my friends have purchased Foxes, modifying and personalizing them to their individual tastes. The aftermarket is rife with appearance and power options for just about every budget and preference. And while we enjoy creating our individual dream Foxes, it can be fun to dream of what could have been, had the Fox platform been subjected to various creative minds, like Mr. Carroll Shelby himself.

In a recent episode of “Chip Foose Draws A Car” on Hagerty’s YouTube channel, American automobile designer, artist, and television personality Chip Foose, spent time discussing the Fox-body history and design before drawing what he believes the Fox-body would’ve looked like had Carroll Shelby gotten his hands on it. We definitely notice hints of Thunderbird styling in the final product, and we were glad to see that he decided on the blue with white stripes typical of many an iconic Shelby.

You can see what other styling cues Foose chose to include on the Fox-body rendering by watching the video above. What would you change or add to the design? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Stephanie Davies-Bardekoff got her start in automotive media while attending Rutgers. She worked for Roush Performance for a while, before eventually landing here at Power Automedia. Her Coyote-swapped 1992 Fox-body drag car is her prized possession.
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