Clean, Coyote-Swap Classic Mustang Hits The Market

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We have all heard the old saying, “You cannot have your cake and eat it to,” which, in most cases, is a pretty accurate. However, with this 1966 Ford Mustang coupe that just popped up for sale on eBay, you may actually be able to do both!

This coupe features the classic styling for which the the first-generation Mustang is famous. However, its engine bay is stuffed with the powerful 5.0-liter Coyote engine that makes the current Mustang the performer that it is! Throw in some killer suspension parts, great restoration work, and insane attention to detail and you’ve got one awesome car.

Once you get a little closer, all the originality quickly fades away and you soon realize this is a modern machine under the classic Mustang skin. The engine bay is stuffed with the modern 5.0 Coyote engine hooked up to a 4R70W overdrive transmission providing enough power to throw this lightweight coupe down the highway. A full TCI suspension, a Strange 9-inch Ford rearend, and Wilwood brakes round out the build.

The ad states the car is not a trailer queen and has been driven over five thousand miles since completion! We cannot blame the owner, we would have a hard time getting out from behind the wheel of this beauty too!

The car has the creature comforts you would expect out of a modern machine such as this. The car features a full TMI interior as well as Vintage Air to keep the driver and passengers cool.

The ad does state however, that the car has won its fair share of trophies, including our Executive Editor Steve Turner’s Editor’s Choice award back at Mustang Week in 2016. Whoever ends up with the winning bid is going to end up with an awesome Mustang at the end that is built to drive and enjoy!

There are still a couple of days left on the auction, so check it out for yourself here!

On the outside, the car is classic Mustang. All the body lines are basically untouched, except for some ultra-cool, integrated turn signals and a GT350H tribute stripe. The car sits on the classic Magnum 500 wheels, only these are the aftermarket 17-inch versions. From 10 feet away, this is your classic Mustang coupe you’ve always wanted.

The original Shelby GT350H was a package only offered on the fastback Mustangs. The cars were sent to Hertz car rental for regular people to rent and enjoy. Only 1,001 GT350H fastback's were ever produced. This coupe pays tribute to those original Rent A Racers.

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