Custom ’68 Mustang Ranchero Hybrid

For many of us, the decision on what sort of vehicle to purchase to fit all of our needs can be incredibly tough. You can’t always have your cake and eat it too. Especially if you don’t have the cash to own multiple vehicles. On one hand, you long for that high performance muscle car, and on the other, you need to be able to haul or tow things. What’s a guy to do?

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The owner of this ’68 Mustang took matters into his own hands and made what Ford didn’t – a multi-use classic Mustang and pickup truck all in one: Ranchero style. Dubbed the “RanchStang,” this former coupe has been heavily modified from the doors on back. The interior stops just behind the front seats, and where the back seat once lived, is now a vertical back window that provides a view of the pickup-like bed. The owner actually pulled this off quite well, with the kick up of the rear quarter panel stretched out into the bed. The rear of the car still looks very stock, with both the Mustang tail lamps and bumpers in place. However, the bed doesn’t have a flip-down tailgate, so watch out for trying to load up anything heavy into the RanchStang’s bed.

This ’68 model Mustang has the smaller 200 cubic inch six-banger under the hood making 120 horsepower, and is mated to Ford’s C4 automatic transmission. This custom ride is up for sale for the price of $7,200 and while it won’t get you there incredibly quickly, you can haul some lumber and catch passerbys’ attention while you do it.

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