Calling All Ford Rangers: Cleetus McFarland’s Latest Race Needs You

The always-entertaining Cleetus McFarland is at it again. His latest race at the Freedom Factory – Danger Ranger 9000 – was just announced out of left field, which apparently includes 30 Ford Rangers doing 60 hot laps on the Freedom Factory oval. 25 of the 30 appear to be an open invite to his fans to join him in burning the tires off their Ford Ranger. What do you win besides pride and the ultimate bragging rights? A seat in a Crown Vic at this year’s 2.4 Hours of Le Mullets.

If you happened to miss last year’s 2.4 Hours of Le Mullets, let me fill you in. NASCAR announcer Larry McReynolds manned the microphone for an epic endurance race of retired police cruisers – stock aside from safety equipment, an NOS nitrous kit and some impressive rattle-can paint jobs. Each two-man (or woman) team consisted of automotive YouTubers such as Whistlin Diesel and Adam LZ, influencers such as Vaughn Gittin Jr., professional racers like Alex Bowman, and Cleetus’ band of merry men frequently seen on his own channel (Kevin Smith from KSR, Cooper Bogotti, Jeremy from Fasterprom, etc).

It ended in epic fashion, with off-roader Blake Wilkey spinning out Brent from PFI Speed right at the finish line. Fortunately for Brent, the transponder for the timing system was in the truck, so in going across the line backwards it actually helped him take home the win and pair of El Caminos.

More details on the Danger Ranger 9000 are said to be released tonight… Who among you is going to answer the call?

Update: a four-point roll bar is required along with a stock engine from the intake to the exhaust manifolds. No nitrous, no power adders. The prize for first place includes a “mint Ford Ranger” and a spot in the 2.4 Hours of Le Mullets. Second place also receives a spot in the epic YouTuber Crown Vic battle on Nov 19-20, as the partner to the first place driver. Tech cards were released today (6/25) on Enter now! Spectator tickets are also available for the event. There’s even a spectator drag race. Both the Drift Night (day before) competition and the Spectator Drags/Danger Ranger 9000 will be available to watch on the Summit Racing Pay Per View, which can be purchased now on for $14.95 ($19.95 on the day of the event).

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