Doug’s Headers Brings Venting Gasses To The Masses

It’s widely known that if you want to get the most performance out of your engine, you need to get the most air and fuel through it as possible. To do that, you need to get all the spent fumes out of the engine to make room for the power-packed, fresh air and fuel.

Doug’s Headers have been helping enthusiasts get the most out of their engines since the early ’60s and the company is still innovating reliable ways to make power. Along that line, Doug’s Headers has created its own line of exhaust cut-outs which allow enthusiasts to choose exhaust routes for all those spent fumes.

No more toasty wing-nuts to loosen with a Doug’s Headers cut-out!

One of the things that get hearts pumping is the sound of a well-tuned engine running through an open exhaust. Years ago, people would “un-cork” their exhausts in preparation for vigorous driving exercises or to make their presence known. That is all fine and well until you need to “re-cork” those hot pipes to head home (or for other constabulary reasons).

Now, Doug’s Headers gives you the ability to have your cork either way! With its Stainless Steel Electric Exhaust Cut-Outs, you can go from corked, to un-corked with the push of a button. Doug’s cut-outs are available single, or in pairs with tube diameters ranging from 2 ¼-inches to 3-inches for those heavy-breathers.

Doug's Headers cut out kits come with everything needed for installation and are available as singles or pairs. The cut-out features a special electric motor to operate the gate and the supplied harness brings the controls to your fingertips!

Doug’s cut-outs are made from 304 stainless steel and the star of the show which allows it all to happen is a high-torque 12-volt gear-reduction motor that swings the gate from neighbor-friendly to fun, instantly. The self-adjusting, self-cleaning gate provides zero obstructions to the path of exiting gasses while ensuring a leak-proof seal.

Doug’s Headers electric exhaust cut-out kits allow you to convert to a wide-open, unobstructed exhaust system with the flip of a dash-mounted switch. These rugged electric exhaust cutouts are built to last and feature a heavy-duty Dayton gear-reduction, rack-and-pinion electric drive mechanism. Best of all, these cutouts use a self-cleaning, knife-edge seat for a leak-proof seal every time, whether open or closed.

Doug’s Headers electric exhaust cutouts include a pre-wired harness, a toggle switch, and fuses for an easy installation. The unit’s small size allows for easy placement under the vehicle and provides more options for installation. The Doug’s cut-out kits include a Y-pipe, stainless steel band clamps, and all necessary hardware. Doug’s Headers warrants that their products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year. The use of header wrap voids this warranty, and rust is not covered under this warranty.

To make the most of your exhaust, Doug’s Headers also offers a complete line of headers, X-pipes or Y-pipes, exhaust deflectors, and numerous flanges and collector-plates so you can build your exhaust the best way possible. Check out Doug’s Headers and see how they can help you get the most out of your car’s engine.

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