Dyno Joe Cram Looking For Coyote Modified Title In 2015 NMRA Season

We are just a few weeks away from the kickoff to the 2015 NMRA racing season. Racers and shops around the country are currently engaged in an all out thrash fest to get their cars ready for the coming season. Nearly all of these racers are stepping up their game for 2015, and we’ve had a few contact us wanting to share their plans and program changes for the coming year. The latest racer to talk to us is one of the hardest working guys in Mustang drag racing, Dyno Joe Cram.

Cram ran a limited NMRA schedule last year, taking part in only three races, and instead staying closer to home to focus on his business. “We were running a mostly stock Coyote engine with an Edelbrock blower, and just making sure we got out to a few races to give our sponsors the exposure they needed, and test out Coyote Modified.”

For 2015, Cram has brought on Deatschwerks as his new primary sponsor. The high tech fueling solutions company will be backing Cram as he makes his way through the entire NMRA schedule for 2015, hitting all six scheduled races. Cram told us, “We’re going for a championship this year. It’s the one thing that’s missing from my racing resume, and it’s long overdue.”

Cram will run a ProCharger F1-A supercharger on his Mustang. That blower will breathe boost into a new Coyote engine built by NHRA Super Stock racer, and engine builder Chris Holbrook. Cram made the trek from Texas all the way to Holbrook’s shop in Livonia, Michigan shortly after the first of the year. “Holbrook is working his magic on the engine and is excited to see what kind of power we can make with our combination.”

Tapping the keys on the FAST XFI system will be Cal Hartline. The Turbo 400 transmission that Cram has run for years is still on board, although its been freshened up for the 2015 season. There’s of course new parts from Exedy on board, as well as a new custom torque converter from the guys at ATF who put the whole package together.

Madman and Company have handled all the chassis duties on Cram’s ride. Team Z Motorsports suspension will still be out back to provide the hook. “Dave Zimmerman really helped us with sorting the car out in the 60 ft in the past and the parts just work.” MagnaFlow exhaust will continue to handle the pipes, and Watson Engineering also continues to provide their sponsorship and support.

Cram says that depending on how his early testing and the NMRA season opener goes, he may head out to compete in a few Ultra Street races as well. There his car can run at a much lower weight, although that may take some tweaking to his setup to get down the track the way he wants to.

With Cram making the full NMRA schedule this year, and the power we expect his Holbrook built engine to make, he’ll definitely be in the mix for a title this year. While nothing is ever certain in drag racing, we expect to see Dyno Joe Cram making a dent in the Coyote Modified field all season long, holding a few Wallys at the end of the season, and maybe walking away with a championship.

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