Edelbrock’s Pro-Flo 4+: Simplifying Coyote & Gen III Hemi Swaps

The world of hot rodding is getting more sophisticated. Though the days of totally modular American motors and casual swapping are mostly gone, it’s nice to see how modern powerplants still occasionally make their homes in much, much older engine bays. To try and preserve some of that swapper spirit, Edelbrock made a new product to simplify the installation and optimization of newer motors in older cars. The Edelbrock Pro-Flo 4+ EFI system, a complete standalone which learns as it goes, covers the “Big Three” domestic motors and sticks itself in a cost-effective mid-range shelf that helps owners get into the interesting world of standalones with relatively little hassle.

The engines they focused on are the three main players on the modern muscle car market.  The Gen I/II Ford Coyote (2011-2017), Gen III Dodge HEMI (2005-2013+), as well as the Gen III/IV GM LS applications—all EFI engines with plenty of tuning potential—are ubiquitous and supported by a vast aftermarket. However, they’re complex and getting one running nicely in an older car isn’t necessarily the simplest task. 

Please, No Cutting

But the Pro-Flo 4+ has been designed to be as plug-and-play as possible. Simplicity was the main aim with this product; an evolution of the Pro-Flo 4, an ECU designed for swapping from a carburetor/distributor arrangement to electronic fuel injection. A completed harness and an intuitive setup guide with the accompanying tablet and calibration app keeps the owner from having to cut into wires or visit dynos.

It’s all there.

The first step of its installation is the most satisfying. You can strip the original ECU and harness and throw them in the trash—this kit provides all the necessary pieces. After that, all one needs to do to get this system installed is install the harness and new oxygen sensor, then mount the fuse box and ECU.

Find a place to mount this and you’re off to the tuning phase.

The tuning process is designed to be simple, too. The Pro-Flo 4+ comes along with a 7-inch touchscreen tablet with Edelbrock’s E Tuner 4+ Calibration App pre-installed for system installation, calibration, and diagnostics. The E Tuner 4+ is easy to understand with its setup wizard, gauge displays, and ability to tune wirelessly over Bluetooth using an Android device; no laptop required. With base maps for most popular engines, all one needs to do is let the system sort everything out. 

Simplified Tuning

A closed-loop learning system will continually monitor fuel tables and improve mapping to keep the motor running smoothly in all circumstances. The more one drives the car, the better the engine operates. The Pro-Flo 4+ then provides the capability to adjust fuel mixture, ignition curve, knock sensing, air/fuel ratio, rev limiter, idle speed, and more. It also offers the user the ability to control the alternator, drive-by-wire system, coolant fans, as many as 4 variable cams, and even 8 individual coils. [That means you don’t have to lock out the cams with this system!]

Even before extensive tuning, the Pro-Flo4+ should yield an improvement in performance over the stock ECU. Sharper throttle response and better economy are all part of the package.

The Bluetooth connectivity keeps the interior simple and clean for a classic look—the kind most would want in a restomod or a pro-tourer.


New Pro-Flo 4+ Features & Benefits:

  • Controls up to 4 variable cams – no add-on boxes or modules required to support variable cam control
  • Controls up to 2 drive-by-wire throttle bodies – will not function with cable operated throttle bodies
  • Drive-by-Wire Safety and Limp Home mode safety features
  • Works with most popular late model drive-by-wire throttle bodies, plus supports dual drive-by-wire throttle bodies with Edelbrock Cross Ram LS3 intake manifold
  • Alternator control – fully calibrated alternator control for OEM alternator applications when applicable
  • Knock control – interfaces with OEM knock sensors to provide knock feedback to prevent detonation (optional feature)
  • All variable camshaft, drive-by-wire, knock control and alternator functions are fully calibrated for optimal performance
  • Dual on-board wideband O2  sensors – individual left and right bank closed loop
  • AFR control, uses Bosch LSU4.9 sensors (second O2  sensor optional)
  • High impedance injector drivers
  • Current releases are available for limited applications and will not support boosted configurations


Depending on the application, the Pro-Flo 4+ will work with the OEM drive-by-wire throttle bodies and some of the larger factory options, plus it supports some aftermarket intake systems. While the stock EVAP systems won’t always work and some applications cannot use aftermarket coils or throttle bodies – the whole package is meant to prevent head-scratching. The plug-and-play nature of this Pro-Flo4+ is designed to be pretty easy to see. It promises a little more power, more response, and the peace of mind that you’ve got a sophisticated ECU looking out for you and your hot rod.

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