EFI On The Brain: FAST Expands EFI Training Classes For 2016

xfiOver the past few years, the landscape of motorsports has become exceedingly technology-driven. The switch from the old school carburetor to EFI has even penetrated the upper ranks of the NHRA, with Pro Stock’s much-talked-about move to electronic fuel injection this year.

To help further propel that movement, the EFI specialists at Fuel Air Spark Technology (FAST) have assembled their in-house experts to help teach newcomers that are looking to break into the world of custom EFI tuning. Back in May, the COMP Performance Group headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee were bustling with EFI expertise, as attendees flood into their new facility dedicated to training and education on electronic fuel injection systems.xfis-sportsman-efi-system-tunes-biting-bullitt22

After a successful first season, FAST has established a 2,800-square-foot facility that will host six two-day events that will educate students on the inner workings of the FAST EZ-EFI system and their more advanced XFI system.


The first day of these courses focus on the introduction of fundamental EFI terms, EFI components, ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t’s’ of installation and how electronic fuel injection works. At the conclusion of this initial day a troubleshooting and live demonstration the abilities, on a live mock-up engine, they learned throughout the day and what the EZ-EFI system has to offer. The following day continues with the more advanced XFI system; this day identifies proper installation practices, initial setup procedures, and hands-on workshop that covers all the challenges a novice tuner might encounter.


Looking to take full advantage of this program and expanding your understanding of electronic fuel injection? FAST will b conducting four additional sessions of their EFI training courses in 2016, in August, September, November, and December. For more information and to register, call FAST’s Tammy Holland at 901-375-3451.

2016 Schedule:

EZ-EFI: May 19th
XFI™: May 20th
EZ-EFI: June 30th
XFI™: July 1st
EZ-EFI: August 11th
XFI™: August 12nd
EZ-EFI: September 22nd
XFI™: September 23rd
EZ-EFI: November 10th
XFI™: November 11th
EZ-EFI: December 15th
XFI™: December 16th

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