Engine Paint That Is More Than Just Paint, It

Engine Paint That Is More Than Just Paint, It’s A System

When it comes to finding the right paint for your engine, you have more choices than just a color. Making the right choice when it comes to a quality paint requires a material that can fight the effects of heat, fuel leakage, and oil stains. While a big box store paint might look good while the engine is on the engine stand, after installing the engine and it doesn’t take very long to realize that paint might not be the quality you expected.

If you are looking for an engine paint that will last the test of time, you need more than just a paint, you need a system. KBS Coatings Motor Coater system has everything needed for a long-lasting paint job.

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The painting process begins with a good surface prep and high-quality coatings. Any painting professional will tell you, the key to a long-lasting paint job is a proper surface prep and the use of quality materials. The Motor Coater “system” is an all-inclusive paint process that starts with KBS’s Klean and RustBlast. The combination of these two preparatory steps are formulated to achieve a prepared surface that will ensure maximum paint adhesion and durability.

When the prep work is done, that Actual Motor Coater paint is easy to apply, offers superb coverage, and yields a self-leveling professional-looking finish whether it is applied with a brush or sprayed onto the surface. Motor Coater engine enamels provide a deep, rich color for excellent coverage and provide a tough, durable finish with superior heat and chemical resistance. In fact, Motor Coater is good to 450 degrees.

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What makes the KBS Motor Coater paint better than many other options is that it is much harder than conventional paint. According to KBS, this stuff will not blister, flake, crack or peel if properly applied. This engine enamel provides deep, rich pigmented color for excellent coverage. Perfect for not only the engine, but air cleaner assemblies, pulleys, brackets, balancers, etc. Your engine will be a show-stopper with this stuff! And if you’re looking for a paint that will make your manifolds or headers look like new, check out the XTC line of products.

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