Florida Man Mutilates Mega-Rare, $704,000 Ford GT Heritage Edition

Florida Man Mutilates Mega-Rare, $704,000 Ford GT Heritage Edition

For many Ford fans, the Blue Oval’s storied Ford GT is a dream machine. These rare machines deliver racing performance in a streetable package. Limited production by nature, these coveted machines are increasing in value, which makes the prospect of driving them on public roads all the more daunting.

A 50-year-old man in Florida didn’t think twice about driving his recently acquired 2006 Ford GT, which was among only 2,011 Ford GTs created in the 2006 model year and one of only 343 optioned as a Heritage Edition. This particular example includes upgrades like a Penske Racing suspension and CORSA Performance exhaust.

A Florida man lost control of this 2006 Ford GT supercar while leaving his housing development in Boca Raton, Florida. He told police the crash was a result of his unfamiliarity with a manual transmission, but later blamed the condition of the tires, mud on the pavement, and a recent detailing for the expensive slip-up. (Photo Credit: John Peddie)

Even the upgraded suspension and huge factory brakes weren’t enough to keep this Ford GT between the sidewalks of Del Boca Vista, Phase 3.

When asked by police about the crash, he attributed it to his inexperience with operating a manual transmission, which flies in the face of all those millennial theft prevention device memes. Pressed on the matter by Road & Track, he blamed just about everything but the driver, including the tires, road surface, and a recent detailing. He also claimed to lose control of the car at just 35 mph when shifting from first to second.

Ford GT

Produced on May 17, 2006, this Heritage Edition recently sold for $704,000 at the Barrett-Jackson auction in West Palm Beach, Florida. (Photo Credit: Barrett-Jackson)

One look at the photos captured by John Peddie and posted to Facebook shows major front-end damage caused by a speedy impact with a tree. No matter how it happened, the real tragedy is the damage to this ultra-rare ride, which recently hammered for more than $700,000 at the Barrett-Jackson auction in West Palm Beach, Florida, back in April.

With any luck, this rare machine can be restored to its former greatness and the owner will carry much great respect for the 550 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque on tap under that right pedal before releasing the pedal on the left.

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