For Comparison’s Sake: Cherry Bomb’s Mustang Exhaust Systems

Isn’t technology grand? In the pre-internet days of the high performance automotive hobby, if you were looking for something like an exhaust system and wanted a specific tone or volume level, you either had ask the customer service agent’s description over your rotary phone, hope it was featured in a magazine article, or like in many cases, simply hear it on someone else’s ride at the local car show.

But thanks to modern technology where we can even record the tone of an exhaust system on our smart phone and send it around the world faster than one can blink, buying the part you want is simple than ever.

Cherry Bomb, one of the most established names in the performance exhaust market, provides audio files for all of their exhaust systems on their website, including those for the beloved Ford Mustang. Among these are four different kits, led off by the surprisingly V-8-like tones of the ’05-08 4.0 liter V-6 single muffler exhaust system that provides a great sound to match the lower-end Mustang and its exceptional fuel mileage and price.

Moving up to the V-8 Mustang GT for the ’05-08 model years, we take a look first at the Pro Kit, that delivers a stellar muscle car tone – strong but not overdone – while the Extreme Kit produces a much deeper and louder audible tone that’s sure to get attention. And of course last but not least is the iconic Cherry Bomb GlassPack, that carries its own distinct rich tone that falls right in line between the Pro and Extreme systems in terms of overall volume.


To learn more about Cherry Bomb Performance Exhaust, or to browse and hear their entire lineup of exhaust systems for a wide range of vehicle makes and models, log on to

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