Ford Motor Company Teams Up With ADT Security For Theft Prevention

We’re all protective of our hard earned assets. However, there is usually nothing we can do to constantly keep our personal vehicles or work trucks safe. That is all about to change as Ford Motor Company has partnered up with ADT Security to create a vehicle monitoring system.

Ford’s new business platform team announced the creation of their latest side project, Canopy, as a joint venture with ADT Security. Ford claimed a 60% shareholder in the group, while ADT received the remaining 40%. Canopy will release its technology first for the truck and van owners who use their vehicle for business. The technology will then be passed onto SUV and car owners shortly after that. The new anti theft technology will be sold as an accessory through Ford, but can also be sourced through Amazon.


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So, how does this work? Well, Canopy will be able to detect credible threats using new camera hardware, artificial intelligence and a mobile smartphone app. If this sounds like the conventional doorbell camera, you’re not far off. Customers can monitor activity in or around the vehicle using existing cameras or subscribe to a live agent from ADT.

“The key is marrying the technology with humans monitoring everything and responding in real time to disrupt activity rather than respond to crime after the fact,” said Elliot Cohen, ADT senior vice president and chief business development officer.

While Canopy is primarily Ford owned, the technology aimed at monitoring cargo areas of high-volume new and used commercial trucks and vans will eventually make its way to other brands. Even if theft does not occur, imagine the b-roll footage we’ll see posted on Youtube!


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